What is quantum sensing?

If you’re engaged in aerospace, maritime, defense, mining, or civil engineering, quantum sensing can help you with your most challenging problems in standoff detection and PNT.

Quantum technology exploits the physics of very small things to perform useful tasks. The technology is very sensitive to the world round it - for the most part that’s a challenge, but quantum sensing lets us put this fragility to work in detecting tiny signals for aerospace, defense, and civilian applications.

Quantum sensing has now emerged as one of the most promising areas of activity in the quantum technology industry. The market is growing rapidly - approximately 13% per year - so now is the time to get ahead of the competition.

Q-CTRL’s focus on quantum control engineering is essential to extracting more - and more useful - information from the next generation of quantum sensors.

GPS satellite in space

Extract Maximum Performance From Quantum Technology

From maritime to space, Q-CTRL lets you get more from quantum sensing applications.

Quantum Gravimetry and Magnetometry

Extract more - and more useful - information from quantum-enhanced sensors, resulting in previously unachievable sensitivity in target identification, and tracking. Improve sensitivity, cancel platform noise, and relax hardware requirements for applications in gravimetry and magnetometry.

BOULDER OPAL allows you to create and deploy optimized noise-robust controls to improve hardware performance in the field - for atomic and solid-state devices. It also provides access to advanced machine-learning routines for environmental spectrum reconstruction enabling efficient data analysis of sensor measurements. Combine with Quantum Professional Services in order to derive novel solutions permitting simultaneous mitigation of control-system noise, advanced time-domain state-tracking, and multisensor data-fusion.

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Southern ocean gravimetryHannes Grobe, AWI

Quantum-Enhanced PNT

Improve dead-reckoning navigation with ultra-low-drift atomic interferometer techniques capable of working in real platforms - from the sea-surface to space. Enable autonomous battlefields and support GPS-denied navigation over months, not hours.

Q-CTRL licenses our own novel designs for advanced quantum accelerometers for implementation in next-generation PNT systems. Through our Quantum Professional Services we can work with your organization to deliver both customized quantum technologies and supporting software. Our expertise includes cold-atom accelerometer design and operation and advanced data fusion routines.

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Autonomous vehicles

Ultra-Stable Quantum Clocks

Deploy software solutions to stabilize passive frequency standards without the need to change your hardware - perfect for tight-SWAP applications.

Q-CTRL has developed patented techniques to improve the stability of passive frequency standards and phase-lock-loops using machine learning. We can work with your organization to produce software-only upgrades to frequency standards in order to combat the Dick effect and enable high-performance in tight-SWAP environments.

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