Unleash latent hardware performance

Deliver more value to your customers with fully integrated performance management for quantum computing platforms


Cost-savings for providers


Improved value for your users


Improved algorithmic accuracy

The fastest way to boost your platform’s utilization

Quantum computing end-users are seeking maximum quality of service combined with simplicity when choosing a provider.

Q-CTRL Embedded is quantum infrastructure software that integrates effective error suppression technology directly into your platform as a simple, fully automated solution. Building on your existing stack and interface, it offers customers frictionless performance management to deliver the value they demand.

Maximize hardware performance

Enable >1,000x greater accuracy, larger quantum volume, and 10x deeper circuits so users invest more, sooner.

Minimize the impact of noise to deliver greater user value.
Help users gain critical insights only available from hardware.
Empower users to expand their application reach and increase quantum investment.

Stand out in a competitive market

Deliver the best user experience and dominate competitive benchmarks.

Grow your customer base with a simplified user experience and more useful answers.
Deliver a unified experience - eliminate machine-specific configuration burdens on users.
Offer better value to customers for their compute budget.
Competitive landscape

Accelerate your development roadmap

Adopt world-leading quantum infrastructure software and focus on the things only you can build.

Enable a full performance-augmented experience in just months.
Save money by leaving infrastructure software development to us.
Free up capital to invest in your competitive differentiators.
Market analysis

How it works

Integrate our best-in-class AI-driven error suppression pipeline into your hardware and software stack. It’s easy to deploy with little customization required, interoperable with common programming languages, and flexible as a cloud or on-premises installation.

The underlying technology is autonomous and invisible to your end-users, enabling them to focus on their algorithms while obtaining the maximum achievable performance from your devices.

The best tools for error suppression in the industry

The techniques used in Q-CTRL Embedded are deterministic, giving full performance optimization in a single execution.

They can be combined with any probabilistic error mitigation or quantum error correction techniques seamlessly so your customers can always build from the best platform possible, operating right at incoherent-error limits.

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Depth reducing compiler

Simplify circuits in a repeatable manner to reduce opportunity for error and remove error-prone gates.

Error-aware layout selector

Automatically route around faulty devices leveraging hardware parameters and custom calibrations.

Crosstalk-eliminating compiler

Cancel errors that only appear in circuit execution via embedded and context-aware “dynamic decoupling”.

Autonomous gate optimizer

AI agents design error-resilient gates across your entire system in less than 10 minutes.

Measurement error mitigation

Automatically postprocess outputs using proprietary neural network methodology to reduce readout errors.

Become the center of attention

Put your platform at the heart of a new generation of software-defined quantum data center, compatible with enterprise cloud architectures.

Learn more about how Quantum Infrastructure Software like Q-CTRL Embedded expands convenience, cost-effectiveness, and cross-compatibility of quantum processors to drive enterprise uptake.

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Q-CTRL Embedded on IBM Quantum Services

Experience Q-CTRL performance-management software on IBM Cloud.  Maximize circuit depth and algorithmic performance with no additional cost or configuration required on the Pay-as-you-go plan.

Get your system online faster

If you’re not ready for Q-CTRL Embedded, our world-leading Boulder Opal Scale Up package is everything your R&D team needs to go from one to 100 qubits.
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Get exclusive access to scaling-focused convenience packages for calibration, characterization, and optimization.
Save time and accelerate progress with full custom configurations for your system built by our expert team.
Solve compute and memory intensive computations faster with expanded cloud-compute resources.

The noise suppression provided through Q-CTRL’s performance management makes exploring useful quantum circuits even easier. I very much look forward to what our users will be able to do with this newly added error-suppression technology.

Jay Gambetta
IBM Fellow and VP of IBM Quantum

We have previously explored Q-CTRL's performance management capabilities and were impressed. With this technology natively embedded within IBM Quantum services, we can get more value from current hardware and push our applications further.

Julian van Velzen
CTIO & Head of Quantum Lab, Capgemini

Q-CTRL Embedded

Unleash latent hardware performance

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