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Solutions for cloud quantum computing providers

Integrate quantum error correction into the most advanced quantum computing platforms

Quantum control is the critical enabling technology that’s powering the future of hardware - from quantum sensing to quantum computing.

Susceptibility to noise and error limits the range of achievable algorithms running on quantum coherent hardware.

We enable quantum error correction from the device level up, and deliver the AI-driven hardware automation needed to realize true abstraction of quantum computing devices.

The world’s leading engineering teams rely on our infrastructure software and professional services to build error robustness and error correction into their systems, enabling them to deliver quantum advantage to their users.

Up to 9,000X
algorithmic enhancement on cloud quantum computers

Maximize hardware performance

R&D teams gain an advantage using our quantum control infrastructure software

Gate fidelity
System stability
Device homogeneity
Computational speed

Solutions for quantum R&D teams

The most powerful tools for automation and acceleration at the device level

We work with research teams to build stable and reliable quantum hardware without being held back by noise and hardware errors or labor-intensive manual operation.

We offer a complete suite of solutions that automate and accelerate the operation of quantum hardware - from computing to clocks, sensing to metrology. We focus on flexibility and convenience, delivering real value with minimal user effort.

Whether designing fast quantum logic gates with optimal control, combatting platform noise in a cold-atom sensor, or using AI to automate hardware tuneup and calibration, our tools help users move faster and achieve more.

Real-world use cases

This groundbreaking application of autonomous quantum sensors in space exploration will be invaluable in leveraging extraterrestrial resources to establish permanent human bases on the Moon, Mars and beyond.
Steven Marshall, Premier of South Australia
We used Qiskit Pulse and Q-CTRL’s Boulder Opal to run error-robust quantum gates on a five-qubit IBM Quantum Canary processor. These results show just how powerful pulse-level control can be for programming a quantum computer over the cloud.
This was a rare opportunity for some of our leading transport innovators and quantum computing experts to come together to tackle complex transport network management and congestion problems.
Andrew Constance, Minister for Transport and Roads
The team at Q-CTRL was able to rapidly develop a professionally engineered machine learning solution that allowed us to make sense from our data and gain real insights into how to improve our hardware.
Dr. Cornelius Hempel
It was really easy to go from code to experiments. I started from the relevant notebook in the documentation, followed the steps, adapted when necessary, and it simply worked! We’re now using Q-CTRL pulses that allow us to cut the time of our gates by eight times.
Marina Kudra, PhD student at Chalmers
Q-CTRL’s work has the potential to significantly improve algorithmic performance and hardware stability in quantum processors.
Alex Hill, Rigetti

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