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Earth observation

Geospatial data enabled by a new generation of quantum sensors.

Convert tiny signatures into new insights

Hyperspectral imaging and synthetic aperture radar have expanded our tools to measure and map our planet, but a revolutionary new capability is coming online. We are making the next generation of quantum sensors a reality by augmenting our toolkit for earth observation through magnetism and gravity detection.

Adding quantum-enabled gravity and magnetic-field observation provides a new set of eyes to see the unseen; measure tiny changes that are currently invisible; map deviations in underground aquifer levels, monitor changes in the ice caps, and detect subsurface impacts from mining or covert activities.

Solutions for end users

Solve real-world problems with quantum earth observation

Geospatial intelligence provides critical information for military operations, natural disaster response, environmental protection and conservation, and more.

Our sensing technology and data products deliver actionable insights supporting resources innovation, climate monitoring, financial risk analysis, and defense. Through a new form of persistent geomagnetic and geodetic surveying, you can detect previously inaccessible signatures and build the most precise, up-to-date reference maps for navigation and anomaly detection.

Measuring gravity and magnetic fields from space has already been proven via missions from NASA and the ESA. These scientific missions are foundational to our work delivering ultra-high-stability quantum sensors in a low-cost constellation, giving you access to persistent imaging in a range never before available in near-real-time.

We are creating massive strategic advantages for defense and new scientific insights for geophysics.

Quantum sensing

Build on world-leading quantum sensors

We build and operate a new generation of “software-defined” atomic sensors for magnetic and gravitational signals, high sensitivity, and best-in-class long-term stability to enable new observational techniques.

We build on validated quantum-hardware designs and our team’s exceptional expertise in performing record-smashing experiments with atomic devices. We augment this hardware with proprietary AI and quantum control algorithms to enable full autonomy, and suppress the platform noise that can rob quantum sensors of their advantages when taken out of the lab.

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