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15 Mar 19

A deep dive into Deep Tech: what you need to know about this growing type of investment

11 Mar 19

Top 5 quantum computing startups to watch in 2019

6 Mar 19

Inside the high-stakes race to make quantum computers work

15 Feb 19

10 hot quantum-computing startups to watch

Extract maximum performance from your quantum hardware

We help teams solve the hardest problem in quantum technology - hardware error and instability - using the power of quantum control

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Perform like you have a team
of expert Quantum Control Engineers, without having to
build one yourself.

We're experts in quantum control and share this knowledge through our powerful, intuitive software products.

Deploy solutions that really work

Create lab-validated, drop-in replacements for single and multiqubit gates to improve fidelities and coherent lifetimes by orders of magnitude.

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Best in class controls that work.

Access the newest control solutions, fast

New features are pushed weekly, giving you access to control solutions that are right for your needs faster than ever before.

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Latest control solutions

Perform like a pro, even if you're just a beginner

Get up to speed quickly by leveraging modern, beautiful tools designed to help you build intuition and deploy advanced controls.

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Edit noise with ease

Trust best-in-class development standards

Q-CTRL’s products are professionally developed, tested, and documented software running on a modern cloud-compute architecture.

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Simple, easy to use in app help and documentation
Alexei Marchenkov, Bleximo

BLACK OPAL helps our team directly leverage Q-CTRL’s deep expertise in quantum control to solve some of our toughest problems building a new class of application-specific quantum computers.

This software - and its focus on high-quality visualizations - enables us to build intuition for very complicated concepts outside of our core areas of expertise.

Alexei Marchenkov CEO Bleximo

Products to suit your needs

From beginner to enterprise, we put you in control

Black Opal Basic

Learn how powerful Quantum Control can be

With our intuitive interface, accelerate past the competition by learning how much quantum control can do for you.

Black Opal®

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Black Opal Premium

Make better multiqubit gates

Deploy state-of-the-art noise characterization routines and customized noise-suppressing controls for multiqubit gates, solving your toughest problems.

Black Opal®

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Boulder Opal Professional

Integrate control into programming workflows

Leverage the full-feature Black Opal suite plus API/SDK to automate workflows and deploy solutions directly to compilers and cloud hardware.

Boulder Opal®

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Boulder Opal Enterprise

Maximize performance and uptime through automation

Fully integrate customized control capabilities directly into quantum computing hardware and automate key functionality, improving performance and uptime.

Boulder Opal®

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Q-CTRL provides lab-validated tools for many industries

Our solutions allow you to do more with your quantum coherent hardware, from computing and sensing through to medical imaging.

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Suppress and virtualize qubit errors to extract maximum performance from your hardware today, and improve the efficiency of quantum error correction tomorrow.

Industrial Chemistry
and Research

Power a new class of EPR and NMR controls for analytic chemistry and materials science and access new regimes in quantum physics experiments through dynamic control.

Defense and

Extract the most useful information from quantum-enhanced sensors in tight-SWAP applications and improve the performance of embedded quantum-enabled systems like clocks.

Health and

Develop new medical imaging protocols for MRI using pulse sequences which augment contrast weighting. Expand your toolkit to include novel analytic capabilities such as frequency-selective controls.

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  • 15 Mar 19

    A deep dive into Deep Tech: what you need to know about this growing type of investment

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  • 11 Mar 19

    Top 5 quantum computing startups to watch in 2019

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  • 6 Mar 19

    Inside the high-stakes race to make quantum computers work

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