Powering the Quantum Revolution

Changing the world

Quantum technology will be as transformational in the 21st century as harnessing electricity was in the 19th century.

Building the quantum economy

We provide solutions that support the growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs and technologists working to bring quantum computing to reality

Q-Ctrl's vision

Q-Ctrl will be the trusted provider of quantum control for all emerging quantum technologies, across all applications

What we do

Quantum Decoherence Quantum Computer

Q-Ctrl transforms quantum systems from novelties into useful tech

We put quantum physics to work.  The challenge in building quantum technology is that it is exceptionally fragile, meaning tiny disturbances can render it useless.  We empower our customers to think big and develop tomorrow's quantum hardware.

The quantum revolution


On tiny size scales the laws that govern our daily experience break down and are replaced by strange new rules - quantum physics.

New opportunities

Today's technology glosses over some of the most interesting quantum physics we know.  Harnessing this opens new and exciting possibilities.

Quantum changes everything

Building technology powered by the strangeness of quantum will make today's most advanced technology look like  the equivalent of pre-industrial tech.

Quantum Applications

Quantum Computing

Processing information using quantum physics will upend the way we perform computations.  Q-Ctrl helps solve the fundamental challenge - hardware error.

Quantum Sensing

Quantum systems can work as extremely sensitive detectors for industry and defense.   Q-Ctrl helps users extract the most useful information from their quantum sensors.

Quantum Clocks

Precision timekeeping powers GPS and the internet, and demand for clocks with improved performance is growing.  Q-Ctrl helps manufacturers do more with their hardware.

Control powers our most advanced technology

Every piece of technology we encounter - from mobile phones to airplanes - works because of control theory. Control enables our technology to do useful things and keeps it operating smoothly.

Quantum technology needs advanced control

Quantum technologies are fragile and hard to manipulate.  As quantum computing hardware grows in size and complexity, the need for control is growing exponentially. But the laws of quantum physics are so different that we have had to invent an entirely new field - quantum control.

Q-Ctrl is powering the quantum revolution

Quantum control is a true enabler for quantum technology, allowing researchers and technologists to do more with their hardware.  Q-Ctrl provides solutions to our customers helping them take advantage of everything quantum has to offer.

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