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Beginner foundations

Advanced topics

Dig deeper into advanced topics in quantum control, quantum computing, and, quantum sensing.


The software-defined quantum data center

Q-CTRL’s quantum infrastructure software is a logical addition to any quantum data center solution - public, private or hybrid.


Quantum sensing in the field

Quantum sensing may dramatically reduce the cost of minerals exploration, enable autonomous vehicles to navigate without GPS, and help predict droughts.


Quantum infrastructure software

Quantum Infrastructure Software transforms “bare-metal” quantum processors into useful computational tools compatible with Enterprise cloud architectures.


Quantum error correction

Discover how we're moving closer to practical Quantum Error Correction by combining it with low-level quantum firmware.


Quantum advantage

We discuss the importance of reducing errors in quantum hardware in order to achieve practical quantum advantage.


Programming quantum computers for performance

Discover Qiskit Pulse - the first machine-level programming language for quantum computers - and how we can use it to drive major hardware improvements.


Differentiating quantum error correction, suppression, and mitigation

Learn the different strategies the quantum computing industry is using to combat noise and error in hardware and drive improved performance.


Cloud-accelerated quantum control software

Q-CTRL cloud architecture allows complex quantum cloud computing optimization tasks to run faster than any competitive package.