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Defense and space

New possibilities in measurement capability and new data to change the future

Launch and deploy real-world quantum solutions

The defense and aerospace industries require advanced computing and surveillance technologies to maintain advantage on the battlefield. Quantum technology can deliver a strategic edge to every aspect of modern defense now and into the future.

We enable real-world outcomes through quantum control that provide access to decades of combined experience and opening up new worlds of opportunity.

Solutions for ISR

Dominate in situational awareness and remote detection

Quantum sensing is emerging as a critical technology for surveillance and reconnaissance; with quantum sensors you can navigate without GPS, detect underground hardened structures, submarines, or hidden weapons systems, and survey the entire earth.

We are active across all of these applications by delivering new foundational capabilities and data streams to help you turn quantum sensors into battlefield advantage.

Solutions for end-users

Real-world applications

We produce world-leading operational quantum sensors for all defense applications

Positioning, navigation, and timing
Geospatial intelligence
Remote detection

Solutions for advanced computing

Push the limits of operational quantum computing

Advanced computing technology is essential to maintain battlefield advantage. Quantum computing promises revolutionary capabilities across the defense sector with the power to crack encrypted messages, solve critical materials-science problems, or unlock the key to ultra-high-performance aviation fuels.

Solving even more mundane challenges like the last-mile logistics problem can deliver huge tactical advantages for defense.

We ensure that our users maintain a strategic advantage through advanced quantum computing infrastructure software by targeting proven defense use-cases. Coupled with our world-leading software to improve the performance of quantum hardware, we make quantum computing useful in the real world.

Discover how our tools can help you find illumination from algorithms run on today's quantum processors through automated error suppression.

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