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Beginner foundations

Learn the basics of quantum technology from the expert team at Q-CTRL.

Building a quantum implementation roadmap with the arrival of Quantum Error Correction

A simple guide to help IT leaders in enterprise, government, and research understand this technology and build a foundation for the future.

What is Quantum Error Correction?

Learn how Quantum Error Correction can enable the quantum computing revolution and the vital role it plays in the future of large-scale quantum computers.

What is quantum firmware?

Quantum firmware bridges the gap between mathematical abstractions of quantum algorithms and practical physical manipulation of imperfect quantum hardware.

What is NISQ computing?

Learn about the current "noisy" era of quantum computing and what it stands to deliver. Uncover what quantum computing in the NISQ era looks like today.

What are quantum algorithms?

Learn the fundamentals of how to build quantum algorithms for quantum computing - starting with quantum circuits and logic through to how they're measured.

What is quantum physics?

Learn the fundamentals of what quantum physics is and explore insights into the basic principles driving quantum innovation.

What is quantum sensing?

Learn how the fragility of quantum hardware lets us detect the undetectable and discover the principles and potential applications for quantum sensing.

Introduction to quantum computing

Introduction to quantum computing: learn the foundations and discover the principles for how this technology will power a transformative information age.

What is quantum control?

Learn about the history of quantum control and how it accelerates the path to useful quantum technologies, such as quantum computers, firmware, and sensing.