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Breakthrough quantum sensing solutions for defense and industry
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Gain critical insights with the Q-CTRL difference

Quantum sensors are poised to revolutionize industries from health to minerals to defense.  

Our globally unique “software-ruggedized” cold-atom quantum sensors are operational in the real environments you care about. From maritime to airborne applications, our devices go where the competition can’t, letting you gain insights you’ve never had before.

Achieve strategic advantage with quantum sensing

GPS-free navigation

Access the world’s first comprehensive multimode quantum-assured navigation system deployable in real operating environments - underwater, underground, or in space.

Enable previously impossible long-endurance missions
Deploy on moving platforms with proprietary inbuilt software ruggedization
Maximize uptime and cost-efficiency with calibration-free operation


1 mile positioning accuracy


enhanced resilience on moving platforms

Remote detection of hidden threats

Harness a new set of eyes to see the unseen and identify security threats sooner with completely passive, mobile quantum sensing of magnetic and gravitational signatures.

Identify subsurface tunnels and structures with high-resolution
Detect AC and DC magnetic anomalies without revealing your position
Distinguish real targets from platform signals using inbuilt noise rejection
Maximize uptime while remaining hidden with calibration-free operation


detection depth of underground tunnels


improved RF emitter localization

Subsurface exploration and geophysics

Save billions in brute-force exploration by harnessing a new generation of quantum gravimetric and magnetic subsurface mapping solutions.

Identify subsurface mineral deposits from the ground or the air - no drilling
Deploy on moving platforms and in cluttered environments
Improve survey efficiency and duration with calibration-free operation


smaller detection capability compared to conventional quantum gravimeter


greater depth detection capability compared to conventional quantum gravimeter


reduced survey cost

For prototyping, integration, and licensing

World’s smallest strapdown 3-axis quantum IMU
UAV-mountable optical magnetometer
Ultrastable dual gravimeter/gradiometer

Ruggedize your quantum sensors for the field

Deliver more value from your hardware with fully integrated performance management software

End-users expect hassle-free performance in real environments - from the clinic to the battlefield. It’s imperative to deliver sensors resilient against the background clutter, interference, and platform noise that normally saps performance.

Our infrastructure software solutions for quantum sensing expand your system’s performance where it counts - in the field. They are based on the power of Boulder Opal’s validated research tools, integrating autonomy, resilience, and noise rejection directly into your existing hardware and operational software.

Our technology is validated on real hardware subjected to the same conditions faced at sea or in the air. Motion testing gives you the confidence you need to know that Q-CTRL’s infrastructure software will deliver when it counts - in the field.


improved imaging area

– NV Diamond


increased acceleration sensitivity in dynamic environments

– Atom interferometry


improved RF emitter localization

– Atomic magnetometry

Software-ruggedized quantum sensing

Your new eyes to see the unseen

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