Quantum control infrastructure software

Accelerate the path to quantum advantage

For end users

Learn quantum computing visually and interactively

Go from zero background to programming real quantum computers.

Automated error suppression software for cloud quantum computers

The most advanced AI-powered strategies to reduce errors at the gate and circuit levels in a fully automated package.

For researchers and hardware vendors

Quantum control tools for researchers

Everything you need to optimize, simulate, and automate quantum hardware.

Embedded solutions for quantum computing platform vendors

Fully autonomous infrastructure software to maximize Quantum Volume and performance in commercial quantum processors.

Validated technology

We have demonstrated to deliver maximum performance from cutting-edge hardware systems - in the lab or in the cloud.


Gate error suppression

Using advanced error-robust controls


Improved algorithm accuracy

On commercial quantum computers


Comparative cost advantage

Using deterministic error suppression


Competitive advantage

Compared to non deterministic error suppression

Benefit right now

Our team can help you turn bare-metal QPUs into useful computational tools to gain the real insights you’re looking for.

Our team were impressed how Q-CTRL has opened totally new frontiers in our research...In some cases this software fundamentally transformed hardware, allowing results deemed impossible by previous benchmarks.

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