Find true value from quantum algorithms

Find illumination from quantum algorithms with autonomous hardware-optimized execution


Deeper circuits


Reduced compute cost


Improved accuracy

Fire Opal is the easiest way to make quantum computers useful

An out-of-the-box solution that automatically reduces error and boosts algorithmic success on cloud-accessible quantum computers in the NISQ era and beyond.

Get the right answer, right now

Run more valuable algorithms on today’s quantum computers by reducing errors automatically.

  • Transform outputs from random to useful

  • Expand your application reach with high-depth circuits

  • Solve challenging problems using hardware-optimized solvers

Improving computational accuracy

Fire Opal achieved 4.5x more accuracy and 2x reduction in execution cost compared to the baseline. The experience clearly indicates how much more cost-effective quantum computing can be when using the right tools.

Deploy with ease

Get the most out of cloud quantum computers without any specialized knowledge and zero configuration required.

  • See benefits immediately, with no learning curve

  • Maximize performance across multiple hardware backends

  • Integrate with common programming frameworks

Expanding the reach of today’s QPUs

We find particularly appealing that the product is both circuit agnostic and quick, which will allow for fast prototyping. This is valuable in the short term to enable us to push further with end-to-end, proof-of-concept explorations on current hardware.

Save time and resources

Reduce compute costs by >100x and achieve superior performance with no extra circuit executions.

Reducing compute costs

The results are extremely promising. The only comparable results we’ve seen have come from hardware too expensive to run.

How it works

Fire Opal connects directly to supported hardware backends and returns the best output achievable without any user intervention, hardware knowledge or configuration required

What’s included

The most flexible approach to run performance-optimized algorithms on state-of-the-art hardware

Automated error suppression

Fully automated, AI-driven error suppression and mitigation, delivered with a single line of code.

High-level application solvers

Hardware-optimized algorithmic modules for popular subroutines, such as efficient QAOA, VQE, etc. End-to-end optimization improves performance with cost savings of up to 2,500X.

Automated backend selection

Flexible connection to multiple backends and programming languages through a single interface. Automated backend selection coming soon.

Enabling developers and researchers to gain better insights, faster

Fire Opal packages a comprehensive suite of best-in-class AI-driven quantum control techniques into a simple tool. Suppress errors in hardware and circuit execution with a single command.

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Fire Opal

Find true value from quantum algorithms

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