Use Q-CTRL performance-management software on IBM Quantum services

Maximize circuit depth and algorithmic performance with no additional cost or configuration required


Increased circuit depth#


Lower compute cost*


Improved algorithmic accuracy#

Unlock the full potential of your IBM Quantum Pay-As-You-Go plan with a single command

End users from research to enterprise are seeking simplified ways to apply quantum computing to their toughest challenges.

The integration of Q-CTRL's error-suppression software with IBM Quantum delivers a simple experience to unlock and maximize the platform's immense potential.

Achieve more, faster

Q-CTRL's error suppression technology delivers you the right answer with high confidence, and reduces the number of shots - and therefore runtime - required to get there. And access is included at no additional cost!

Achieve the best algorithmic results

Deterministic error suppression pushes machine performance to intrinsic hardware limits, enabling you to run deeper and wider circuits without any overhead.

Enhance performance with a single setting

With the Q-CTRL performance management option selected, a fully configured autonomous toolchain is triggered in the background to suppress errors everywhere they arise in the machine. No specialized knowledge of quantum hardware or confusing settings required.

Access the best error 
suppression natively integrated into IBM Quantum services

With a single Qiskit Runtime setting, all aspects of performance management are applied directly within the IBM Quantum stack, so you can focus on what matters to you: results.

Behind the scenes, an autonomous error suppression pipeline improves the performance of your algorithm. This unique performance-management option comes with no additional cost or overhead. All of these methods are benchmarked on real hardware, and the results published in peer-reviewed literature.

Simply define your quantum application and see improved results today!

Get started

Maximize the utility of IBM Quantum systems using AI-driven quantum control techniques natively integrated with Qiskit Runtime.

Step 1

Create a Qiskit Runtime instance with Q-CTRL Performance Management

From the IBM Cloud portal, create a new instance of the Qiskit Runtime service with a Standard plan Q-CTRL Embedded performance management enabled.

Step 2

Copy your API key and Cloud Resource Name

Grab your authentication API key and the created instance's Cloud Resource Name (CRN) from the IBM Cloud portal.

Step 3

Set "q-ctrl" as the channel_strategy

Initialize the QiskitRuntimeService with your API key and the CRN, and set channel_strategy="q-ctrl". Optionally save your credentials to disk for future use.

The noise suppression provided through Q-CTRL’s performance management makes exploring useful quantum circuits even easier. I very much look forward to what our users will be able to do with this newly added error-suppression technology.

Jay Gambetta
IBM Fellow and VP of IBM Quantum

We have previously explored Q-CTRL's performance management capabilities and were impressed. With this technology natively embedded within IBM Quantum services, we can get more value from current hardware and push our applications further.

Julian van Velzen
CTIO & Head of Quantum Lab, Capgemini

This collaboration points to a future where quantum computing becomes more accessible and user-friendly, with complex error suppression handled by integrated software solutions. Where software innovation plays a critical role in harnessing the full potential of quantum hardware, fostering faster advancements in the field.

Andre Konig
CEO of Global Quantum Intelligence LLC

I've benchmarked Q-CTRL's error suppression compared to default performance, and I observed that Q-CTRL increased the likelihood of obtaining the correct answer by a factor of 35! Best of all, it's available without any additional cost, making high-quality quantum computers more accessible and efficient.

Raymond Beecham
Security Delivery Specialist at Accenture

Q-CTRL Embedded

Achieve maximum algorithmic
performance on IBM Quantum

Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost to use this option?

There is no additional cost to use the Q-CTRL performance management strategy with the IBM Quantum Pay-As-You-Go plan.

Can I use Q-CTRL Embedded on IBM Premium Plan devices?

Currently, this option is only available on devices accessible through the IBM Quantum Pay-As-You-Go plan. If you have access to a premium device and would like to deploy this technology, please contact us.

Is this quantum error correction (QEC)?

Q-CTRL’s current technology focuses on suppressing errors in near-term “NISQ” machines before quantum error correction is useful. Our published experiments show how in combination, these techniques can make QEC more effective, and future releases will support full QEC encoding.

How do you measure performance enhancement?

Q-CTRL evaluates a wide range of algorithmic benchmarks and reports quantitative metrics appropriate for each. Hardware validations show enhanced algorithmic success when a “correct” answer is known ahead of time, improved similarity of hybrid quantum algorithmic cost landscapes to the ideal, and enhancements to measured quantum volume. Q-CTRL’s performance management technology works with any algorithm possessing any structure of outputs, unlike other post processing techniques which work only in very limited circumstances.

Full details are available from our peer-reviewed technical publication. You can try running benchmark algorithms on your own by downloading our demo notebook.

What error reducing techniques are included?

Q-CTRL has developed an array of interoperable techniques which reduce errors from the gate level to the compiler level. This includes a high-performance depth-reducing compiler, error-aware layout selector, crosstalk-eliminating compiler, autonomous quantum gate/machine-language optimizer, and efficient measurement-error mitigation.

Full details are available in our peer-reviewed technical manuscript.

I work with error mitigation. Can I combine this with my technology?

Q-CTRL’s deterministic error suppression works with any techniques executed above the compiler level. Combine easily with PEC, and other post-processing techniques. Discover the relationship between error suppression and error mitigation techniques in our Learning Center.


# Full technical results available from Phys. Rev. Applied 20, 024034 (2023).

* Q‒CTRL deterministic error suppression technology reduces experimental shots to achieve a target confidence level by improving signal‒to‒noise levels and eliminates the need for sampling overhead required in error mitigation. Execution cost per QPU runtime second is identical with and without Q‒CTRL performance management selected.