Quantum Fundamentals

The following videos explain the fundamentals of quantum computing, including quantum circuits and algorithms, and noise in quantum computing.

ep1. An Introduction to Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is discussed nearly every day in the media. So what is it? That's what we're here to help you understand.

ep2. Quantum Fundamentals

In this video we dive a bit deeper into how quantum computers work. We discuss qubits and how we build them, superposition and entanglement.

ep3. Quantum Circuits & Algorithms

Learn the fundamentals of how we combine qubits and quantum logic operations in quantum computers to compose and run algorithms. Discover how to read quantum circuits, the meani...

ep4. Noise in Quantum Computing

In this episode, learn about noise in quantum computing: What is noise? How does noise affect a quantum computer? Does noise matter in conventional computers? What are the impac...

ep5. The NISQ Era and Beyond

In the final instalment of our Educational series, learn how clever quantum algorithm designers are working to achieve Quantum Advantage with near-term machines, targeting appli...

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