Unlock maximum performance on IBM Quantum services

Discussing our partnership of Q-CTRL performance management integrated with IBM Quantum services making it simpler to get useful results from real hardware.

December 14, 2023

In this webinar we will discuss our recent partnership integration with IBM Quantum services—the first-ever software integration on this platform.

To get the most out of near-term quantum computers you need to be an expert in an array of technical specializations – algorithms, compilers, error suppression strategies, and error mitigation – without focusing on each of these it’s difficult to get reliable results.

This new integration alleviates this burden, making it simpler to get useful results from real hardware! We’ll demonstrate how you can unlock the full potential of your IBM Quantum Pay-As-You-Go plan at no additional cost and save over 5,700X on compute time!


  • Rowen Wu


    Product Manager



  • Blake Johnson


    Quantum Engine Lead


    IBM Quantum

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