Technical webinar series that covers a range of quantum control topics, products and research hosted by our expert team.

Latest webinars

On demand

Choosing a quantum control strategy

Learn how to apply quantum control to automate and improve the performance of your hardware even in the presence of large uncertainties, noise, and decoherence.

On demand

Quantum sensing with cold atoms

An introduction to quantum sensing applications and how a “software-first” approach leveraging quantum control is essential for realizing its true potential.

On demand

From automation to algorithms

An introduction to building autonomy in the operation of quantum computing hardware and how the improved error rates we achieve impact on algorithmic success.

On demand

Improving quantum hardware in quantum controls

An overview of our American Physical Society March Meeting 2021 presentations covering three insightful topics about quantum control.

On demand

Automated closed-loop hardware optimization

Discover how Boulder Opal allows you to automate performance enhancements in quantum hardware through closed-loop experimental optimization.

On demand

How to efficiently characterize quantum computing hardware

An overview of four exciting advanced quantum control topics related to quantum computing.

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