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Begin with the basics - discover the fundamental physics principles that make quantum computers work in a simple and intuitive way. Then progress to quantum circuits, key algorithms, and even how to program real quantum computers!


So you’ve heard of quantum technology and how it’s going to revolutionize, well, everything. How do we know that and how does it work?

What is quantum computing?


(5 topics)

How do quantum computers work?

Will quantum computers break the internet?

How to build a quantum computer

Analogy toolbox


This skill introduces the superposition principle. You'll gain insight into where this principle comes from, why it is necessary, and what you can do with it.

What is quantum computing?


(5 topics)

Superposition in a jump rope

Superposition in the quantum world

Superposition in the abstract

Superposition in quantum computing


Start with some fundamentals in how we represent information and by the end of this skill you'll understand how we can encode and process information using quantum physics!


(5 topics)

It from bit

Qubit from bit

The Bloch circle

Do you |ket⟩ it?

The Bloch sphere


Measurement the destructor. What does it mean to measure something in general?  What does it mean to measure something in quantum physics?  Discover the dirty secrets about measurement in quantum computing.


(5 topics)

Bloch party

Randomness rules

Get real

What’s the problem?


How do we represent the programs to be run on quantum computers? After this skill you'll be able to decipher some of the cool diagrams you see in the field.


(5 topics)

Single qubit warm-up

Double the fun

More, more, more!

You, quantum mechanic

Quantum search


Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance." It's not so spooky, but it may be extremely useful! Discover the most quintessential concept in quantum physics.


(5 topics)

Bird’s eye view

Correlations and kets

Creating entanglement

Entanglement in the wild

Variables in hiding

Visualizing entanglement in quantum computers


Why don't we have useful quantum computers yet? Learn what's holding us back through an understanding of how noise and interference affect quantum computers.

NISQy business

Bloching noise

Controlling noise

Error correction


An introduction to the prototypical quantum algorithms that exhibit known speedup over the best classical algorithms.

What is complexity?


Shor’s algorithm

Grover speedups


(5 topics)


Learn all about quantum control and how it is used to create quantum gates and combat noise.

Paradigm shifts


(5 topics)

Making gates

Noise be gone

Quantum optimization


Are you ready for the trenches? This skill pits you against the challenges of programming a real quantum computer — assembly code, compiling, qubit topology, and more!

Gate, set, match


(5 topics)



Quantum optimization

Black Opal

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Frequently asked questions

What is Black Opal?

Black Opal is the first interactive online learning platform for anyone interested in learning quantum computing. With Black Opal’s intuitive design featuring visualization, interactivity and animation, you can learn quantum computing in just minutes per day.

Who should use Black Opal?

The NQCC's Online Quantum Skills Course Based on Black Opal is aimed at familiarizing students in higher education as well as professionals in industry and business with key concepts in quantum computing without the requirement for formal training in a related field (such as PhD-level physics, maths, or computer science).

What is the Black Opal community?

The Black Opal community is a forum for existing Black Opal users that offers community members the chance to engage with fellow learners and Q-CTRL experts.

How much does a Black Opal subscription cost?

If your application is successful, NQCC might sponsor your Black Opal access.

What will I gain from the course?

The platform gives users a sufficient grounding in key concepts of quantum computing to provide a pathway into quantum programming, as well as an understanding of quantum circuit design.

Am I guaranteed access after registering?

NQCC will review your application, and if successful, you will receive an email inviting you to join.

Are there any restrictions for registering?

You reside in the UK. You must also agree to Q-CTRL and NQCC accessing your registration details and your Black Opal usage analytics.

I need technical support?

Please submit a request through our contact form.