Characterize your quantum computer faster and easier

Save time and resources by characterizing your quantum hardware with Boulder Opal's automated system identification

February 10, 2023

Save time and resources characterizing your quantum computer and discover why your modeling doesn’t match your device's measurements.

Back by popular demand, we’re excited to be bringing back webinars - hosted by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Michael Hush!

To kick things off, we will hear how Dr Christophe Valahu, Postdoctoral Researcher from the University of Sydney, has used Q-CTRL’s system identification feature on Boulder Opal to characterize a cold ion quantum computer with a 60x reduction in resources.Find out how our technology solves this challenge, and hear from Christophe what it was like to deploy our solution in the lab.


  • Michael Hush


    Chief Scientific Officer



  • Christophe Valahu


    Postdoctoral Researcher


    The University of Sydney

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