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Advanced, intuitive and scalable quantum control engineering solutions

Real-world quantum outcomes

We deliver transformational real-world outcomes from quantum technology. Q-CTRL enables researchers, developers, and engineers to build stable, reliable quantum computers and quantum sensors, without suffering from the noise and hardware error that has held back the field for so long. Learn more below.

Quantum computer

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Q-CTRL is trusted by the world’s leading innovators, from information technology and consulting to transport and defense.

Bleximo Fermilab IBM NIST

Q-CTRL can help you accelerate past the competition

The field of quantum technology is moving fast.

Whether you’re an enterprise user working to gain an edge with quantum computing, leading a high-pace quantum tech R&D effort, or discovering our exciting field, you can trust Q-CTRL’s unmatched expertise.

We help our customers and partners achieve practical use-cases from real quantum-enabled hardware - all through the power of quantum control.

Students and Curious Technologists

We can help you begin your quantum journey with the Q-CTRL Learning Center and educational resources.

R&D Experts

Deliver more, faster, through expert-developed solutions that help you automate and optimize quantum computers and quantum sensors.

Quantum Computing End Users

Achieve quantum advantage sooner than you thought possible by reducing performance-limiting errors and maximizing algorithmic success in cloud-based quantum computers. Let us be your guide.

The world's most advanced quantum control software suite

Move faster and deliver 100X performance enhancements to make quantum technology useful for you.

Black Opal®

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Begin your quantum journey.

Educational tools for students and developers entering the field.

Boulder Opal®

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Optimize your quantum hardware.

Quantum control infrastructure software for R&D professionals building the future.

Fire Opal

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Unleash the hidden potential of quantum computers.

Developer tools for quantum algorithm designers and end-users seeking quantum advantage.

Open Controls

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Contribute to an open-source quantum control library.

An open-source library of public quantum-control solutions for students and researchers.

Hardware and data from quantum sensors, powered by quantum control

We deliver transformational new data streams and capabilities through autonomous quantum sensors built to work in real environments.



Quantum-augmented PNT systems for autonomous vehicles on Earth and in space. Developed with partners Advanced Navigation.

Earth observation

Earth observation

A new set of eyes to see the Earth through changes in magnetic and gravitational fields. Detect hidden resources, monitor climate, and gain defense insight.

Space exploration

Space exploration

Autonomous space-qualified sensor payloads for remote prospecting and surveying. Delivered through our partnership with the Seven Sisters consortium.

Q-CTRL is leading state-of-the-art quantum research

Discover our research in quantum technology.

Google Cloud

Unleashing the power of quantum technology with cloud computing

How Q-CTRL's use of cloud-compute technology delivers up to 100x improvements in time-to-solution for our customers

Read the Google Cloud Case Study
Google Cloud Servers

Making quantum technology practical

Q-CTRL has the proven capability to empower leaders across industries to solve their quantum technology challenges.

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