Detect the undetectable

Quantum sensors exploit the extreme sensitivity of quantum devices. This emerging application of quantum technology puts this fragility to work by helping you to detect smaller signals from greater distances and unlock new capabilities that were never before possible.

The market is growing rapidly - approximately 13% per year. Now is the time to get ahead of the competition.

Solutions for research

Bring quantum sensors to the field

Our focus on quantum control engineering is essential to extract more useful information from the next generation of quantum sensors and to accelerate their deployment in the field.

Quantum control allows you to overcome imperfections, environmental clutter, and platform noise in order to realize the true potential of your hardware.

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Boulder Opal, our quantum control infrastructure software, provides you with everything that you need to turn quantum sensors into viable fielded solutions: Improve sensitivity, build autonomy, and reduce SWaP, all through software.

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Boulder Opal optimization

Solutions for end-users

Leverage data that has never before been accessible

Data is the heart of the modern economy. From underground to outer space, we measure everything around us to build the data streams we need to power the world.

We are creating new data streams for defense, minerals, long-term weather forecasting, and climate monitoring through our software-defined quantum sensing hardware. We go beyond hyperspectral imaging in order to provide continuous long-term mass change and magnetic signature monitoring.

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We use quantum control to augment and fundamentally transform the performance of quantum sensors. This results in hardware that outperforms not only conventional designs but also allows user-defined reconfigurability.

Our expert team has built some of the highest-performing quantum sensors in the world to unlock new capabilities for our partners.

Discover how we are enabling the future of autonomous vehicles, powering a new generation of space-exploration missions, and providing a new set of eyes to see the earth with Q-CTRL’s “software-defined” quantum sensors.

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Solutions for end-users

Real world applications

Hardware and data from quantum sensors, powered by quantum control

Earth observation
Defense & space

Real-world use cases

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