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Q-CTRL Breaks Ground on New Global Headquarters in Sydney, the First Commercial Facility in Australia Dedicated to Quantum Tech

June 27, 2023
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New headquarters for leading quantum company reimagines a former industrial structure to build the technology of the future.

SYDNEY, June 27, 2023 — Q-CTRL, a global leader in developing useful quantum technologies through quantum control infrastructure software, today announced it is building a new global headquarters in Sydney for an ever-growing team to accelerate innovation in the quantum technology space. Q-CTRL’s new HQ will be the first standalone commercial quantum technology facility in the country and exemplifies Australia’s leading role in the industry.

CEO and Founder, Michael J. Biercuk, breaks ground on new global headquarters in Sydney

The global headquarters will be located in central Sydney proximal to the Tech Central Precinct and will support both commercial leadership of the company and will provide the essential infrastructure for quantum sensing research and development. Funding from the NSW Government’s Jobs Plus program and the Federal Government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative Translation grant is helping to fund construction of the facility.

“Throughout our five and half year lifetime we’ve focused first and foremost on building a team, technology, and products that sit head and shoulders above anything else in the global market,” said Michael J. Biercuk, CEO and Founder of Q-CTRL. “Now we’re ready to take the next step of our journey, building a headquarters that reflects our core value to Be Revered. Delivering the first purpose-built commercial and research facility for a quantum technology company in Australia - and one of the first in the world - is a huge statement about our leading role in the global community and our ambition to deliver pride and prosperity through quantum technology for all Australians.”

Through this headquarters facility, Q-CTRL is celebrating their Australian roots and looking forward to it becoming the center of commercial efforts creating hundreds of new jobs over the next few years.

To deliver on the vision of transitioning a 1930s Heritage-listed industrial building into a global headquarters for a 21st century industry, Q-CTRL tapped three of Australia’s leading organizations in their respective industries: Architectus is the architectural consultant; FDC is leading construction and refurbishment; and Acuity is managing project development.

A large engineering works EG Bishop Pty Ltd Chippendale | Image from the collections of the State Library of NSW

“We’re excited to be partnering with Q-CTRL to deliver its new global headquarters in Sydney,” said Robert Ousey, Principal Design Consultant at Architectus. “Housed in an existing industrial structure, the design sensitively interweaves high performance research environments and flexible, collaborative workplace settings to reveal and accentuate the building's heritage features and provide an environment that will inspire the innovation Q-CTRL will bring to shape  quantum technology.”

“The opportunity to contribute to the creation of a space that will propel scientific advancements and revolutionise the quantum technology landscape is both humbling and exhilarating,” said Graham Grobler, Project Director at Acuity. “We are honoured to be involved within this endeavour and look forward to witnessing the lasting impact this facility will have on the future of quantum technology.”

“FDC are excited to be working in collaboration with Q-CTRL, as the builder delivering Australia’s first commercial quantum technology facility, right in the heart of Sydney,” said Stephanie Manduca, Contracts Administrator, Fitout & Refurbishment, NSW at FDC. “We are thrilled to sequence and manage this intricately articulated Heritage Refurbishment from the ground up.”

Located in the heart of Chippendale, the area is rich in heritage yet full of entrepreneurial spirit due to its proximity to the NSW Government’s priority precinct, Tech Central, as well as The University of Sydney where Biercuk laid the research foundations for the establishment of the company. Q-CTRL’s new headquarters is expected to open in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Hood Collection Part I: Sydney streets, buildings, people, activities and events, ca. 1925-1957 | Image: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and Courtesy copyright holder

About Q-CTRL

Q-CTRL’s quantum control infrastructure software for R&D professionals and quantum computing end users delivers the highest performance error-correcting and suppressing techniques globally, and provides a unique capability accelerating the pathway to the first useful quantum computers and quantum sensors. Q-CTRL operates a globally leading quantum sensing division focused on software-level innovation for strategic capability. Q-CTRL also has developed Black Opal, an edtech platform that enables users to quickly learn quantum computing.
Founded by Michael J. Biercuk in 2017, Q-CTRL has pioneered the quantum infrastructure software segment, and has become the leading product-focused software company in the broader quantum sector. In 2022, Q-CTRL augmented its product leadership, bringing in deep tech executive Aravind Ratnam as Chief Strategy Officer and Silicon Valley veteran Alex Shih as Head of Product, to guide a team of world-class engineers and product specialists.
Q-CTRL has been an inaugural member of the IBM Quantum Startup network since 2018, and recently announced partnerships with end-users Xerox PARC, Capgemini, and Transport for NSW. The company has international headquarters in Sydney, Los Angeles, and Berlin.

About Architectus

Architectus designs to make a positive and lasting impact on people, cities, and communities. Our practice combines deep expertise in every sector with critical problem-solving skills and a commitment to exceptional design. Through our collaborative ethos and insightful, human-centric approach, we create design outcomes that exemplify elegance, functionality, and sustainability.

In 2023 Architectus and Conrad Gargett merged practices. Together, we offer unparalleled expertise spanning the sectors of Education, Public, Transport, Defence, Health, Heritage, Urban Futures, Landscape Architecture, Commercial, Residential and Interior Architecture.

We have a strong relationship and joint ownership structure with Architectus Aotearoa in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. This expands the expertise and capacity we offer each market, drawing on beneficial ties between us dating back to 2001. As a unified force, we are now one of Australasia’s largest and most diverse design firms, with more than 770 talented designers and specialists working across eleven studios.

About Acuity

Acuity was borne of a desire to do better and be better, in an industry that sometimes fails to put its best foot forward. With a shared history of outstanding client service and culture, in less than three years, Acuity is now a team of 19 people working across 4 locations, with the vast majority of our team having known each other and worked together for an extensive period.

Together, our leadership team possesses more than 220 years of property industry experience. We have been built from the ground up by people that have nothing but love and passion for what they do.

We are here for our clients, and to deliver project management experiences so remarkable that our clients forget what ordinary looks like.Together, they have delivered some of Australia’s most iconic property development projects.

About FDC

FDC is a leading building delivery partner across Australia with an annual turnover of circa $1 billion. They employ over 500 people, hold a reputable client and project delivery reputation and industry leading NPS rate of 75+. They have been acknowledged with over 100 MBA awards including being awarded – Most Awarded Builder in NSW, MBA Excellence Awards, 7 out of the last 9 years (MBA NSW).

FDC designs, builds and creates spaces, leaving them better than when they found them and creates lasting value for the people that experience them. FDC brings expertise and a personal touch to every one of their projects and always strives for excellence. They are defined not only by what they deliver, but how they deliver.

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