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How enterprise can gain a strategic first-mover advantage with quantum infrastructure software at Quantum.Tech Boston 2023

April 17, 2023
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We’re excited to return to Quantum.Tech this month - we hope to see you there in Boston!

Hear how we are making quantum computing useful to enterprise clients and learn about our world-leading developments in quantum sensing.

Be sure to get in touch to schedule a meeting or find us at our booth to learn how we can help make quantum technology useful for your needs.

Q-CTRL showcase

Platforms and Processors Day | Monday April 24, 12:40 pm - 1:00 pm

Michael J. Biercuk, our CEO and Founder, will host a presentation showcasing the technology and products Q-CTRL builds to make quantum computing useful for enterprise.

We recognize there’s a lot of noise in the sector - technical jargon, competing software packages, confusing metrics. All of it obscures the fact that it’s difficult for any user to get meaningful results from a real machine. Quantum algorithms generally fail due to error and hardware instability, making it impossible for enterprises to get real insights for their use cases, and putting a brake on their quantum ambitions.

But those of you in the know can get a massive competitive edge. We’ll cut straight through the noise and discuss how we make quantum computers useful for enterprise by focusing on a single objective: making quantum computers return the correct answer.

We’ll introduce the world’s first – and only – hardware-validated performance management quantum infrastructure software for quantum computers. For end-users, it invisibly reduces errors with no configuration, settings, or expertise required. Just a black-and-white transformation of results from wrong to right.

If you’re ready to secure an early share of the $850Bn quantum computing market opportunity, this talk is an essential introduction to how you can get past the limits of today’s systems and make quantum computing a key high-value part of your technology roadmap!

Others promise “one day”, we deliver right now. Come learn how!

Interactive roundtable

In the afternoon, Michael and Aravind Ratnam, our Chief Strategy Officer, will participate in interactive roundtable sessions offering a unique opportunity to engage directly with Q-CTRL senior leaders in a small group setting.

Panel: How do hardware and software technology companies help enterprises prepare for the post NISQ Era?

StartUp and Scale Up: Day 2 | Wednesday 26 April, 9:40 am - 10:30 am

Quantum technologies need a resilient hardware and software stack and supporting technologies.

Aravind will present alongside five quantum industry executives in a panel hosted by Doug Finke from the Quantum Computing Report. The session will explore the latest developments within this supply chain, and how industry leaders are working towards the scale up of qubits and new software platforms.

Panel members will share their technologies and roadmaps and attendees will walk away with key insights on what the world’s leading companies are doing to prepare for the post NISQ era.

Quantum sensing showcase

StartUp and Scale Up: Day 2 | Wednesday April 26, 3:35 pm - 3:55 pm

As part of the quantum sensing and metrology applications stream, Michael will return to the stage to introduce our efforts developing a new generation of software-defined quantum sensors.

Michael will focus on defense use cases linked to the measurement of gravity and motion (inertial acceleration) using trapped atoms, and will introduce the unique Q-CTRL technologies that boost sensor performance in real fielded environments.

Bringing quantum advantage to enterprise

Whether you’re new to the field, designing algorithms, or building hardware, we have an evolving product portfolio suited for anyone along their quantum journey.

Chat with our team to discover how you can use some of the latest infrastructure software releases and features to gain strategic advantage:

  • Understand quantum computing quickly - if you're completely new to quantum computing, we know you have some questions before you get started. We’ve added a new introductory learning module to Black Opal - the industry leading edtech tool for anyone interested in understanding why quantum is commercially and professionally important and relevant, today.
  • Bring up your hardware fast and efficiently with AI-powered automation - use Boulder Opal’s automated scheduler for rapid, system-wide tune-up and optimization from one to 100 qubits.
  • Gain a competitive edge by delivering optimized performance to end customers natively - unleash latest hardware performance with Q-CTRL Embedded by integrating effective error suppression technology directly into your platform as a simple, fully automated solution.
  • Get meaningful results from real hardware - new tools features available in Fire Opal such as the QAOA solver and mid-circuit measurement with multiple registers capabilities help algorithm developers get meaningful results from today’s quantum processors.

We’ve also been building our sensing innovations, announced last year, and are in the process of deploying commercial capabilities 🚀

Meet our team at Quantum.Tech!

Be sure to stop by booth B3-4 to discover how we can help you gain a strategic first-mover advantage with comprehensive quantum education and infrastructure software solutions within your organization and for your customers.

If you’re not attending in-person this year, you can contact us directly to discuss your needs or sign-up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our latest research and product developments.

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