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March 28, 2018
Written by
Marcus Strom

Welcome to the first Q-CTRL newsletter, a regular missive where we'll be covering what's new and exciting in quantum tech. We'll let you look under the hood at Q-CTRL and fill you in on what's new in the fastest-growing tech sector.

We hope you'll become one of our regulars, but it's OK if you just want to dip your toes in from time to time. There will be plenty going on as the second quantum revolution gets under way.

Quantum technology is the new buzz. And with good reason. The new machines being built will be truly transformational; for our technology, for our economy, for our lives.

You already know part of our mission, that's why you're here. Q-CTRL is developing new software and algorithms to help put quantum systems to work, even in the presence of imperfections and disturbances in the environment. We filter out the noise to keep quantum systems alive and useful.

The same goes with our blog. There'll be plenty to chat about, but we'll filter out the static and keep the noise down.

We all know that with genuine buzz, there comes the hype. So at Q-CTRL we want to give you an insider's look at quantum technology without the smoke and mirrors. This comes from our core values: Be Real, Be Honest, Be Trusted, Be Just, Be Revered.

Thanks for taking a look.

Limitless horizons

Dinner overlooking Tokyo at Horizons Ventures' tech gathering last week
Dinner overlooking Tokyo at Horizons Ventures' tech gathering last week. Photo: M.J. Biercuk

The quantum community is global and so are we.

Last week our CEO and founder, Professor Michael J. Biercuk, got to hang in Tokyo at a technology conference with a difference.

Well, some things were very Japan: there were sake tastings, Mario Kart drives through Tokyo and even performances from Yoshiki, one of Japan's best-known musicians.

But Techcracker 2018 had a serious side, bringing together a family of tech startups from across the world, working to solve some of humanity's most challenging problems.

At Q-CTRL we're thrilled to be Australia's first fully private, venture-capital-backed quantum startup company.

But our vision would just be that if we didn't secure support from our backers at Horizons Ventures and Main Sequence Ventures.

Techcracker 2018, Limitless Horizons, was this year's get-together for companies backed by Horizons Ventures, which oversees the technology investments of Mr. Li Ka-shing.

It's one of the most exciting invite-only technology conferences globally. It brought together the founders of Horizons portfolio companies with venture capitalists, top technologists and deep-thinking, tech-savvy celebrities.

The event included a mix of technical sessions, company overviews and highly entertaining 'bonding exercises' for the Horizons family.

Obligatory selfie: Michael Biercuk with Stella McCartney
Obligatory selfie: Michael Biercuk with Stella McCartney at Techcracker 2018 in Tokyo last week.

Celebrities weren't just there for window dressing. We heard from global design icon Stella McCartney on socially responsible business; Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas on his technology investments; and UFC Fighter-turned-filmmaker James Wilks on plant-based diets and social perceptions of masculinity.

Not your average Tuesday. Huge thanks to @iamwill for his insights and inspiration @HorizonsHK #techcracker2018 pic.twitter.com/KOqswqQU5o

— Jonathan Luff (@jjluff) March 20, 2018

Out of about 150 guests hosted over three days, Q-CTRL's founder and CEO was selected to give a keynote presentation on the future of quantum computing and Q-CTRL's contribution in this space.

Great morning as @MJBiercuk discusses the second #quantum revolution, decoherence & his impressive work at #Q-CTRL and the University of Sydney. pic.twitter.com/tK3E2veHlN

— Sarah Thomas (@believenbalance) March 20, 2018

Professor Biercuk said: "I was grateful for the opportunity to meet with so many brilliant deep-tech founders and thinkers. It was a privilege to be part of the event and to present before this audience.

Mr Li's commitment to supporting technologies that can change the world for the better was truly inspiring to witness at Techcracker."