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Gift the World of Quantum Computing this Holiday Season

November 10, 2021
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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 9, 2021 -- Just in time for the holidays, the team of quantum computing experts at Q-CTRL have released the first interactive, online learning platform called Black Opal for anyone interested in learning quantum computing.

Based on the laws of physics at the tiniest sizes, quantum computing is projected to transform our world by allowing us to solve problems that were previously impossible across fields - from medicine and chemistry to finance, AI, and more. Simply put, quantum computing is one of the most impactful new technologies and opportunities of the age.

As transformational as it is, learning quantum computing doesn’t have to be difficult. The team at Q-CTRL believes it should be fun and interactive, and designed Black Opal to be just that.

Accessible on any browser, Black Opal reduces the barrier to entry into a complex field by allowing users to complete hands-on tasks in just minutes a day. It’s a highly intuitive, modern learning platform that leverages visualization, interactivity, and animation, so anyone can learn quantum computing. Black Opal users are also invited to join an existing online community that presents them with the opportunity to engage with fellow learners.

Black Opal is the perfect gift for technology professionals, STEM-enthusiast teenagers, science fans, and self-learners who like staying a step ahead. This unique gift combines the enjoyment of learning with useful, real-world skills for beginners to advanced learners, ages 16 and up.

“Black Opal helps anyone go from zero knowledge to programming real quantum computers without facing the barriers of formal coursework,” said Q-CTRL Founder and CEO Professor Michael J. Biercuk. “It supports students and professionals seeking careers in the quantum industry, and provides insight to the most curious enthusiasts from real research leaders in the field. There’s no better way to learn quantum computing from actual experts.”

A one-year subscription to Black Opal, currently valued at $180, will be discounted by 70% to $50 this Black Friday, November 19-29, with an additional 4 months of free beta access included and immediately available; a total of 16 months access for $50. As a digital gift, gift-givers can avoid the predicted delivery delays this holiday season as well.


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