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Deploy a quantum computing course in your organization with a single click

December 14, 2023
Written by
Mick Conroy
Mick Conroy

Quantum computing has the potential to transform government and industries, from finance to logistics to cybersecurity and beyond. Building a quantum-ready workforce to get ahead of this rapidly emerging industry is critical for organizations and institutions seeking to gain strategic advantage.

National and international bodies around the world are looking to enhance quantum capabilities on an even greater scale. See NQCC’s mission to upskill technical professionals throughout the UK, our partnership with the Quad Investor Network to roll out Black Opal throughout Australia and the US, or the Open Quantum Institute in the EU - each working to upskill and enhance quantum computing expertise in their respective parts of the world.

Black Opal meets this increasing demand for quantum literacy with an industry-leading interactive quantum offering for Enterprise and Educators. It’s complete with exclusive content and administrator tools enabling management and customization of the course to the needs of any quantum education program.

It’s easier than ever to deploy our best-in-class learning platform in your organization or institution, with Black Opal’s newest feature: Invite Links.

Achieve simple deployment at any scale

Share a secure link and with one click a learner can begin their quantum computing journey. The invite link can be shared anywhere that makes sense for your organization - via email or on a Learning Management System - making it an effortless onboarding experience.

Protect your investment with domain-based security

An administrator can lock down access to particular email domains and subdomains, ensuring only authorized users are able to access Black Opal. We also enable the administrator to destroy and regenerate the invite link at any time should there be a need to invalidate access facilitated by a previously shared link.

Reduce administrative overhead

Once an invite link is shared users can simply onboard themselves. This dramatically reduces administrative effort that would otherwise be required to manually add new users.

There’s no need to worry about closely monitoring Black Opal licensing limits, either. Emails will be sent when available seats are running low, and if you do run out of seats we’ll allow excess users to access a content-limited version of Black Opal until licenses are freed up - ensuring they can still get started on their quantum learning journey straight away.

Get started with Black Opal today

Simple to administer, easy to get started! Our customers are already using invite links to seamlessly deploy quantum education courses to their teams, students, and customers. Find out how to prepare for the quantum era with Black Opal for Enterprise and Black Opal for Educators.

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