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Building the quantum future at the AWS Technology Leaders Assembly

August 25, 2022
Written by
Tom Stace
Tom Stace

Can you recall the last time a stranger told you that the company you work for is their ‘hero’? That happened to me at a recent event in Sydney!

On August 18, 2022, our friends from the Technology Council of Australia and Amazon Web Services invited leaders from the Australian tech community to discuss Future Technology Trends and Influences + The Things That Won't Change.

I was pleased to attend on behalf of Q-CTRL. During my talk, I took participants through an overview about where quantum technology is now, where it is heading, and my thoughts about what the future may hold.

AWS Technology Leaders Assembly Sydney
Photo credit: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The theme for the day explored the TCA’s ambition of creating 1.2 million jobs in the technology sector by 2030. This is a big goal that requires scale-up across training, research, and investment.

Colette Grgic, AWS Head of Startups, advocated for a collaborative approach in building Australia’s technology sector by encouraging attendees and their businesses to support each others’ journeys from startup to scaleup and beyond.

This sentiment was echoed throughout the day - the excitement was palpable amongst participants during the formal sessions and the breaks.

AWS Tech Leaders Assembly Sydney
Photo credit: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As a global startup with Australian roots, we are very pleased to be a key part of Australia’s technology development story.

We provide tools for global quantum technology partners to improve the performance of their quantum computing and sensing hardware with quantum control.

For end users, our products cater for newcomers who are wanting to learn quantum computing through to algorithm designers and R&D teams who are seeking to get the most out of their quantum systems.

At the event, we presented our recently released Black Opal edtech tool which takes users from having zero background in physics through to programming real quantum computers on the cloud.

Featuring highly visual and interactive bite-sized content, this resource directly supports the Tech Council’s goals by empowering the next generation of technologists in a way that can easily grow with us.

Tom Stace Q-CTRL presenting at AWS Tech Leaders Assembly Sydney
Photo credit: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Overall everyone in attendance was curious, friendly and supportive of each other’s ambitions.

The end of the day was a chance to revisit earlier conversations; the warmth amongst the room full of new friends and contacts was toasted with a (modest) tumbler of whisky from Melbourne-based distiller Starward.

The dram was enjoyed by those who had a taste, and the aroma was enjoyed by all.

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