What are Quantum Professional Services?

If you’re seeking quantum advantage for your industry - in quantum computing or quantum sensing, Q-CTRL’s exceptional expertise can help you on your journey.

Q-CTRL has assembled the world’s largest team of professional quantum control engineers. Now you can take advantage of their expertise through quantum consulting services that can help you realise your desired business outcomes in any quantum application. We can support you whether you’re just starting out, or whether you require a deeply technical engagement with our world-leading team of quantum control engineers.

By combining our expertise with Q-CTRL’s infrastructure-software solutions for quantum technology, we can tailor a quantum consulting engagement to solve your toughest challenges.

Let us help you control your quantum future.

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Achieve Quantum Advantage Via The Quantum Cloud

Helping customers extract maximum performance from cloud quantum computers

The emergence of cloud quantum computers is now making the power of quantum computing available to organizations seeking computational advantages in finance, logistics, telecommunications, transportation, pharmaceuticals, and more. But developing new algorithms and applications for quantum computers is not enough - there’s still a huge challenge in making them run successfully on today’s imperfect hardware. That’s where we come in.

Based on its years of experience developing control-engineering infrastructure-software solutions for quantum computers, Q-CTRL’s Quantum Professional Services team can assist organizations seeking to break free from the constraints of today’s cloud-based quantum computers, and unlock their hidden performance.

The team achieves this with custom-designed quantum tools for:

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Let us help you

Q-CTRL produces infrastructure software to extract maximum performance from quantum hardware. The team are experts on the application of these tools to new challenges in the field, and often produce custom software extensions to meet the needs of our clients - from quantum sensing to quantum computing in the cloud.

Through our Quantum Professional Services we can help your organization discover the full power of these products. We can even help you integrate these tools directly into your own quantum hardware!

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Optimize your quantum hardware

Quantum control infrastructure software for R&D professionals building the future

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Unleash the hidden potential of quantum computers

Developer tools for quantum algorithm designers and end users seeking quantum advantage

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Case Study

Advanced Navigation

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Advanced Navigation is a global leader in ultra-precise AI-enabled navigation hardware, which develops products and custom navigation technologies for sea, land, air and space. Today Advanced Navigation is a supplier of navigation hardware to some of the largest organizations around the world, including NASA, Airbus, Boeing, Tesla, Google, Apple and General Motors.

Q-CTRL was engaged by Advanced Navigation in order to support entry into the market for next-generation quantum-enhanced PNT hardware. Through a Quantum Professional Services contract, Q-CTRL delivered background briefings on the market and technology, and moved to identify and develop novel quantum-sensing solutions meeting Advanced Navigation’s needs and ambitions.

As a result of this initial engagement, Q-CTRL and Advanced Navigation have entered into a research partnership, conducting joint technical development in support of both the civilian and defense markets for quantum-enhanced PNT.