Take control of your quantum future with Q-CTRL

Q-CTRL gives you the power to extract more performance from any kind of quantum technology, with solutions relevant to anyone invested in our quantum future.

Quantum hardware manufacturers and
R&D teams

Accelerate the pathway to commercially useful quantum computers. Q-CTRL’s quantum firmware is a critical enabling technology addressing the hardest problem in quantum computing: hardware errors and instability.

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Quantum algorithm developers and
end users

Extract maximum performance from quantum hardware. Q-CTRL produces python-based infrastructure software across the stack to help algorithm developers and quantum dev teams realize optimal performance on today’s hardware.

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New entrants to the field, students, and the
quantum curious

Build real intuition for the role of noise and errors in quantum computers to gain an edge over the competition. Deploy Q-CTRL solutions on any quantum computing hardware to reduce errors, fight decoherence and get better results.

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Consultants and business development teams

A picture is worth a thousand words. An interactive Bloch sphere is worth millions. Create intuitive visualizations of the most complex concepts in quantum computing with Q-CTRL. Stand out from the crowd with engaging, 3D materials to turn prospects into clients.

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Push the upper limits of quantum technology in the NISQ era

However you’re engaging with quantum computing, Q-CTRL can help you do more.

Visualize Qubits

Learn and understand quantum computing in the NISQ era

Q-CTRL’s unique tools and stunning visualizations help you build real intuition for today’s imperfect quantum computers – and how to get more from them.

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Reduce Interfearence

Optimize quantum
hardware performance

Accurately characterize noise interfering with quantum hardware, then deploy advanced quantum control tools to reduce errors and optimize performance.

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Python SDK

Refine and improve
quantum algorithms

Leverage realistic simulators and compiler-level tools to create algorithms for the NISQ era which outperform the competition.

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Giving quantum technology real world practicality

Q-CTRL has the proven capability to empower leaders across industries to solve their quantum technology challenges

Quantum Computing

Defeat the “N” in NISQ to get more from today’s quantum computers. Q-CTRL solutions tackle the biggest challenges 
in quantum computing – decoherence and errors – so you can achieve improved performance from quantum hardware, with more reliable results.

Defense & Aerospace

Q-CTRL helps to extract more – and more useful – information from quantum-enhanced sensors, resulting in previously unachievable sensitivity in standoff detection and target tracking.

Health & Medical

The healthcare technology landscape is evolving. Q-CTRL offers tools that enable quantum technologies 
to have a major impact on the field, delivering totally new capabilities, from drug discovery to new forms of magnetic resonance imaging.

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Q-CTRL is trusted by the world’s leading quantum computing experts and leaders in information technology.

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