What is Quantum Control Engineering

If you build or use quantum technologies - from quantum computers to quantum sensors - Q-CTRL empowers you to extract maximum performance from your hardware.

Control engineering makes airplanes fly, robots walk, and cars drive themselves. The team at Q-CTRL are experts in bringing this power to the quantum domain to solve the toughest challenges in the field.

Learn how you can put quantum control engineering to work for you through our products and professional services.

Push the Upper Limits of Quantum Computing in the NISQ Era

However you’re engaging with quantum computing, Q-CTRL can help you do more.

Visualize Qubits

Learn and understand quantum computing in the NISQ era

Q-CTRL’s unique tools and stunning visualizations help you build real intuition for today’s imperfect quantum computers – and how to get more from them.

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Reduce Interfearence

Optimize quantum
hardware performance

Use our lab-validated machine learning packages to reduce errors at the gate level, automate tuneup, improve measurements, and more.

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Python SDK

Refine and improve
quantum algorithms

Leverage custom tools, professional services, and our unmatched experience with quantum cloud hardware to outperform the competition.

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Access the Full Power of Cloud Quantum Computers

Cloud quantum computers are throttled to make them easier to use.

No team in the world has more experience pushing cloud quantum computing to the limit. Learn More

Break free from the constraints of today’s cloud quantum computers with Q-CTRL’s Quantum Consulting, experienced in:

  • Hardware calibration and characterization
  • Tuneup of devices and readout
  • Machine-learning-based control optimization
  • Algorithmic optimization and performance benchmarking
World’s most experienced team with IBM OpenPulse
Unshackle your quantum algorithms

Solutions for every user

Q-CTRL gives you the power to extract more performance from any kind of quantum technology, with solutions relevant to anyone invested in our quantum future.

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Quantum R&D Teams - background image

Quantum R&D Teams

Q-CTRL’s quantum firmware suppresses errors to accelerate the pathway to commercial useful quantum computers.

End Users & Developers - background image

End Users & Developers

Extract maximum performance from quantum hardware through custom software and professional services

New Entrants and Students - background image

New Entrants and Students

Build real intuition for the potential and pitfalls of quantum computing with educational material and visualizations

Consultants & business development team - background image

Consultants & business development teams

Stand out from the crowd with engaging, 3D visualizations of tough quantum computing concepts, to turn prospects into clients.

Trusted By

Q-CTRL is trusted by the world’s leading quantum computing experts and leaders in information technology.

Rigetti Computing
USC Dornsife
USC Viterbi
AQT at Berkeley Lab

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