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Lab-validated, professionally engineered tools let you tackle the toughest control optimization problems with ease.

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BOULDER OPAL offers performance to meet your needs

Harness the power of Q-CTRL’s tools in your own DIY research workflows, or integrate directly into hardware for seamless operation and automation.

Our intuitive, hardware-agnostic software is delivered via an advanced cloud platform, so you’ll always have the latest version and newly released features of Q-CTRL’s powerful quantum control solutions.

  • Optimize robust controls in high-dimensional systems and circuits. Account for leakage levels and dissipation.
  • Evaluate quasistatic and time-dependent noise-susceptibility of quantum gates and circuits
  • Simulate algorithm performance in realistic laboratory environments using real, measured noise spectra
  • Characterize noise and drifts in quantum circuits to gain actionable intelligence
  • Integrate directly with hardware for full automation, including hardware calibration and optimization
Quantum Computing technology stack

Push the upper limits of quantum technology in the NISQ era

However you’re engaging with quantum computing, Q-CTRL can help you do more.

Visualize Qubits

Learn and understand quantum computing in the NISQ era

Leverage realistic simulators and compiler-level tools to create algorithms for the NISQ era which outperform the competition.


Optimize quantum
hardware performance

Build optimized error-robust control solutions for multidimensional systems, from individual devices through to complete circuits.

Hardware Integration

Integrate directly into hardware

Accurately characterize noise interfering with quantum hardware, then deploy advanced quantum control tools to reduce errors and optimize performance.

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Get advanced capability across quantum technologies

Q-CTRL deploys decades of quantum control engineering expertise through our suite of intuitive software products.


Discover powerful quantum control techniques through an intuitive graphical interface and stunning visualizations.

Open Controls

Contribute to the most comprehensive open-source library of quantum control solutions.


Improve algorithm performance and error-robustness on today's noisy quantum computers and the fault-tolerant architectures of the future.

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