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Noise characterization

Characterize hardware parameters

Signal synthesis

Design optimized noise-robust controls


Benchmark and simulate performance

Expert hardware knowledge

Automate hardware tuneup leveraging AI

Maximize team productivity

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  • Quick and easy onboarding with simple code templates and "how-to" documentation.
  • Professionally maintained packages keep you running even as your team changes.
  • HPC-like performance with managed access to cloud hardware; no need to establish or operate a local cluster.

>10X reductions in time to solution

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Who should be using Boulder Opal

We have been using Q-CTRL's Boulder Opal for half a year and it has quickly become an essential tool in our research.

Christophe Valahu

Christophe Valahu

Trapped-ion Quantum Computing

University of Sussex

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Boulder Opal integrates easily with experimental hardware

Quantum Machines IBM Qiskit Rigetti Quil
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I am very happy we decided to use your software and would recommend it to anyone wanting to use optimized pulses.

Marina Kudra

Marina Kudra

Chalmers University

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  4. Deploy solutions in the lab or in the cloud
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