Perform like you have a team
of expert Quantum Control Engineers, without having to
build one yourself.

We're experts in quantum control and share this knowledge through our powerful, intuitive software products.

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Harness the power of Q-CTRL's tools in your own "DIY" research workflows using our python toolkit

Leverage the full-feature BLACK OPAL suite plus API/SDK to automate workflows and deploy solutions directly to compilers and cloud hardware.



Integrate the most advanced quantum control directly into your hardware and leave the toughest jobs to us.

Fully integrate customized control capabilities directly into quantum computing hardware and automate key functionality, improving performance and uptime.

Perform like a pro, even if you're just a beginner

Get up to speed quickly by leveraging modern, beautiful tools designed to help you build intuition and deploy advanced controls.

Trust best-in-class development standards

Q-CTRL’s products are professionally developed, tested, and documented software running on a modern cloud-compute architecture.

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Interested in Quantum Sensing?

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Turn the weakness of quantum systems into a strength by building and deploying the right controls for quantum sensors like magnetometers and gravimeters.
For researchers and teams looking to extract the most, and most useful, information from quantum sensing hardware.

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