Interactive visualizations of single qubits and multiqubit entanglement.

Design, analyze and optimize quantum controls

BLACK OPAL is a hardware-agnostic software suite which works with every qubit to reduce decoherence and errors at the physical layer.

No local downloads, no slow package updates, no crashing laptops under heavy load, no hacked code. Just the most advanced quantum control solutions professionally delivered through the most intuitive cloud platform.

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Learn how powerful quantum control can be

Discover quantum control through an intuitive visual interface.

For new users beginning their journey in quantum technology.



Build, compare, and deploy advanced optimized controls

Leverage powerful cloud-computing tools to access leading-edge error-suppressing control techniques.

For researchers seeking easy access to advanced quantum control techniques.

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Rigetti Computing

Deploy solutions that really work

Create lab-validated, drop-in replacements for single and multiqubit gates to improve fidelities and coherent lifetimes by orders of magnitude.

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Best in class controls that work.

Access the newest control solutions, fast

New features are pushed weekly, giving you access to control solutions that are right for your needs faster than ever before.

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Ben McCarty, iDefense | Accenture Security
This is beautiful and showing the rotation of the qubit is exactly what I was struggling with ...this is so great it makes me want to cry

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BOULDER OPAL allows the most discerning scientists and engineers to automate workflows and embed customized quantum control solutions directly into their products.

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