Design, analyze and optimize quantum controls

Black Opal is a hardware-agnostic software suite which works with every qubit to reduce decoherence and errors at the physical layer.

No local downloads, no slow package updates, no crashing laptops under heavy load, no hacked code. Just the most advanced quantum control solutions professionally delivered through the most intuitive cloud platform.

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Black Opal Graphical User Interface

Control Evaluation

Understand the performance of single qubit controls and sequences

Control Library

Basic protocols

Control Optimization

Optimize single-qubit operations

Noise Identification

Standard noise characterization protocols

High-Dimensional Spaces X
Data Imports

Import custom controls and sampled noise spectra for evaluation


Generalized control solution outputs

Computational Engine

Shared computational engine


Standard access to full document library

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Boulder opal streamlines your path to the Quantum future

Automated workflows and
fully customized embedded solutions


Integrate control into programming
workflows with our API, SDK, and
developer portal

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API/SDK & Developers Portal

Quantum Control Capabilities

Full feature set contained in BLACK OPAL + more


Generalized, hardware-specific (JSON), and quantum programming language formats

Direct Hardware Interface

Hardware Characterization

Deploy control routines to characterize the response of a quantum hardware system

Auto-Calibration and Optimization X
Computational Engine

Perform realtime processing and minimize latency on complex calculations

Uncontested Queueing

Segregated, prioritized computational engine for BOULDER OPAL customers

Fully Private Implementation X

Replies within one business day from a dedicated support engineer

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