Control your quantum future with Q-CTRL

Whether you’re an expert quantum R&D team, a quantum algorithm designer, a business pursuing quantum-readiness, or a new entrant to the quantum arena, get the best from today’s quantum technology with Q-CTRL.

Our suite of professional-grade products enables you to maximize the performance of any quantum technology, as if you had your own team of expert quantum control engineers on staff.

For a limited time, get access to our core tools free for 15 days.

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Access the power of Q-CTRL through our range of products

We build products for everyone from students through to expert quantum hardware R&D teams.
For a limited time, get access to our core tools free for 15 days.


Discover powerful quantum control techniques through an intuitive graphical interface and stunning visualizations.


Use our Python package to harness the power of Q-CTRL’s tools in your own research, or integrate into hardware.

Open Controls

Contribute to the most comprehensive open-source library of quantum control solutions.


Improve algorithm performance and error-robustness on today's noisy quantum computers and the fault-tolerant architectures of the future.

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Q-CTRL is trusted by the world’s leading quantum computing experts and leaders in information technology.

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