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Black Opal

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Introducing Black Opal

Reduce Decoherence. Increase Fidelity. Take Control.

Get the benefits of a dedicated team of expert quantum control engineers - without having to build your own

Black Opal is a hardware-agnostic platform which works with every qubit to reduce decoherence and errors at the physical layer. You can use Black Opal to measure and analyze the performance of your quantum system and exploit this information to output optimized controls implementing error-robust single and multiqubit gates. Calculations are performed via our cloud-based service and custom-developed algorithms - delivering results you can trust quickly and efficiently. Lab tests of Black Opal show orders-of-magnitude improvement in reducing decoherence and hardware errors - accelerating your roadmap to useful quantum systems.


Black Opal Launch Features

Qubit Control Design and Analysis

Design and characterize error suppressing open-loop controls for single- and multiqubit gates. Use your own custom waveforms or explore Black Opal's library of both technology-independent protocols and optimized control waveforms tailored to superconducting quantum processors and trapped ion qubits.

Error Forecasting and Budgeting

Analyze distorted waveforms and assess the performance of your quantum control operations against common clock noise, ambient dephasing, and your unique noise spectrum to accurately budget for errors.

Control Optimization

Deploy efficient calibration routines to understand imperfections in your hardware system and account for them in control construction. Then use our machine learning package to define customized control solutions that make your system more robust against time-dependent noise and drifts, variation in control parameters, and systematic errors.

Noise Characterization and System Identification

Deploy provably optimal controls made to characterize noise in your experimental system and perform data fusion to reconstruct a spectrum of the noise - even in the presence of background clutter. This information can then be used to develop controls optimized for your unique system.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Our quantum control algorithms are packaged in a modern, user-friendly design, making it easy to use for all quantum control researchers - regardless of experience. Transparent access to variable inputs and a full command-line interface are easily accessible when required.


Future Releases

Autonomous Runtime Optimization

Link Black Opal to an experimental system to optimize controls in real time using state-of-the-art machine learning - without the need for offline component-by-component characterization.

Runtime Control Calibration

For the times when you need prescribed control solutions, Black Opal gives you the option to link to experiments, calibrate control parameters, and run standard controls.

Optimized Control of Linear Systems

Improve optimal control over qubits by exploiting the harmonic oscillator modes in cavities to enable high-performance operations and state-transfer between circuit elements.

Measurement-Based Closed-Loop Control

Track and predict the evolution of qubits in real time and perform feedback stabilization.

Optimized Circuits for Hybrid Quantum Simulation

Augment the behavior of analog quantum simulators using open-loop controls to achieve system dynamics and interactions that are not natively accessible.

Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal

Embedded Solutions

Fire Opal

Fire Opal

Defense and Aerospace

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