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Whether you’re an expert quantum R&D team, a quantum algorithm designer, a business pursuing quantum-readiness, or a new entrant to the quantum arena, get the best from today’s quantum technology with Q-CTRL.

Our suite of professional-grade products enables you to maximize the performance of any quantum technology, as if you had your own team of expert quantum control engineers on staff.

For a limited time, get access to our core tools free for 15 days.

Access the power of Q-CTRL through our range of products

We build products for everyone from students through to expert quantum hardware R&D teams.
For a limited time, get access to our core tools free for 15 days.

Black Opal®

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Begin your quantum journey.

Educational tools for students and developers entering the field.

Boulder Opal®

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Optimize your quantum hardware.

Quantum control infrastructure software for R&D professionals building the future.

Fire Opal

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Unleash the hidden potential of quantum computers.

Developer tools for quantum algorithm designers and end-users seeking quantum advantage.

Open Controls

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Contribute to an open-source quantum control library.

An open-source library of public quantum-control solutions for students and researchers.

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Q-CTRL is trusted by the world’s leading innovators, from information technology and consulting to transport and defense.

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