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Black Opal’s new Introduction module is the “cheat sheet” for understanding quantum computing quickly

March 29, 2023
Written by
Mick Conroy
Mick Conroy

Quantum computing is a fascinating and rapidly evolving technology with the potential for huge impact across society and the economy. And more and more people - from business leaders to students to jobseekers - are catching on.

Black Opal already helps thousands of learners dive deep into quantum computing with the best interactive educational content in the field.

However, if you're completely new to quantum computing, we know you have some questions before you get started!

Important, fundamental questions like: “What is quantum computing, anyway?”, “what’s it good for?”, “is this just science fiction?,” or even “why should I care right now?”. Or perhaps you have some concerns because you’ve read that quantum computers are going to replace all our computers and break encryption on the internet.

Black Opal quantum computing course for beginners overview

Introducing the quantum computing cheat sheet

We hear you, and to answer your most burning questions we’re thrilled to launch a new introductory module for Black Opal to help get you the clarity you need to succeed in the quantum era.

In only an hour or two you’ll gain a concise overview of quantum computing, including practical applications, key terms to know, and the impact this technology will have on society and your career.

With over 50 new activities available for free and featuring Black Opal’s signature visual, interactive mode of learning, the new content is the perfect starting point for those brand new to quantum computing:

  • For individual learners, this is the perfect first step in your quantum computing journey
  • For leaders looking to upskill their workforce, this is an onboarding module to give absolutely anyone the business context they need for their role
  • For educational institutions, this is the missing link to introduce students to quantum computing and set them up for further learning

Here are some of the exciting things you’ll learn.

Black Opal simulation

What are some real use cases for quantum computing?

Dive into some of the problems a quantum computer can actually help us solve today and in the next few years with Black Opal’s hands-on approach:

  • Design an aircraft wing to discover quantum computing’s application to scientific simulation
  • Break encryption schemes to look into the quantum implications for cybersecurity
  • Learn all about applications in machine learning, logistics, finance, and more!

How does a quantum computer work?

An entire course could be designed explaining how quantum computers work - in fact that’s what the rest of Black Opal’s content has in store for you. But in the new introduction we explain how quantum computers work simply and concisely.

  • Solve “the lottery problem” with an interactive representation of a quantum computer to get to grips with how quantum computation is different from conventional computation
  • Appreciate why quantum computers aren’t simply faster, but radically different in ways that dramatically speed up performance on some tasks that were previously unfeasible

Are quantum computers about to break the internet?

Dispel common myths about quantum computing: understand why quantum computers aren’t just faster supercomputers, why online security is (mostly) safe from quantum codebreakers for now, and why there isn’t likely to be a quantum computer on your desk (or in your pocket) anytime soon.

Black Opal introduction module learn quantum computing

What are the most important terms to know?

Superposition. Entanglement. Qubits. You’ve probably heard those terms, but what do they mean?

We provide a quick reference for these common terms and more so you can understand them when you see them.

Not only that, but we give you the tools to learn by doing: by the end of this section you will have built a quantum algorithm, interacted with a qubit, and created superposition for yourself.

Are these things even real?

We often talk about quantum computers in the abstract, but do they really exist? How are people actually working to build them? We demystify the real hardware in use today, like superconducting circuits and trapped ion systems, so you can navigate the news with confidence.

Female student learning quantum computing with Black Opal

Get the high level view with Black Opal

Black Opal’s new introductory skill is perfect for anyone seeking a better understanding of what quantum computing is and how it’s relevant at the highest level, whether you’re a business leader, graduate student, or open to new career opportunities.

And it’s a perfect segue for those new to quantum computing seeking the right context for the new concepts that will be introduced in the main Black Opal content.  

Get started with the industry-leading educational tool for learning quantum computing today! Sign up for a free account with Black Opal.

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