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The first interactive quantum computing learning platform

Black Opal is designed to help anyone begin their quantum journey.

Learning quantum computing doesn’t have to be difficult

From Superposition to Qubits and more, complete hands-on tasks and enjoy a modern platform featuring intuitive design that leverages visualization, interactivity, and animation.

Complete interactive activities

Complete hands-on tasks across a range of topics so you can learn quantum computing in just minutes a day.

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Enjoy an accessible learning experience

Go from zero background to programming real quantum computers by practicing your skills.

Join the Black Opal community

Begin your quantum journey in collaboration with peers and connect with others in a community of curious technologists and quantum experts.

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Undoubtedly the best tool I have seen to get the basics right for anyone who is a newbie. The interactiveness helps to visualize the problems for better understanding even for someone with a physics background and prior knowledge on the topic.

This is an excellent guide. I am part way through the first module and have to say it has covered most of the fundamentals in a very intuitive way.

I am an enthusiast of the product. Black Opal is the best educational tool to teach and learn about quantum computing in a visual way that makes it easier to understand the main topics like superposition, qubits, measurement, entanglement, circuits, and noise.

Black Opal is amazing, I've bought a 1 year subscription. Explaining complex topics in simple terms - that's brilliant. I would be glad to support if you decide to translate this in Ukrainian.

You can imagine my interest when I saw a link to your product with modules that were visualized and did not require a heavy math background. I absolutely loved the first module on Superposition. It took me longer than a few minutes because I wanted to explore a few things.

This is the sort of thing needed as quantum computing and quantum tech move from the domain of quantum physicists to a wider audience of end-users and applications. Fundamentally, this level of learning helps to demystify quantum computing and fuel the quantum conversation.

Black Opal is a fantastic resource. I love being able to visualize Bloch sphere rotations with the Practice module. I'm still working on my Circuits badge!

I'm halfway through the first skill pathway of Black Opal and I've got to say it's really really well done - the 'byte-sized' lessons, interactive visualizations, exercises - everything is perfect. Absolutely loving the experience.

This course is amazing. Orders of magnitude easier to follow than any other quantum computing learning resource I've come across. Really looking forward to the skills that are coming soon.

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Learn quantum computing in minutes per day.

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Frequently asked questions

Black Opal is the first interactive online learning platform for anyone interested in learning quantum computing. With Black Opal’s intuitive design featuring visualization, interactivity and animation, you can learn quantum computing in just minutes per day.

Black Opal’s educational tools are designed to help anyone begin their quantum journey - from students to developers entering or curious about the field.

The Black Opal community is a forum for existing Black Opal users that offers community members the chance to engage with fellow learners and Q-CTRL experts.

We have two plans; a) $9.99 USD a month billed annually or b) $19.99 USD a month billed monthly.

Yes, you can access a set of beginner skills and topics and practice those skills for free. If you would like to take your quantum journey to the next level, you can unlock more modules with a 1 year subscription.

Yes, please contact us via the chat or email us for a consultation.

Please contact us via the chat or email us for help.