What is Quantum Computing?

If you or your organization are engaged at the cutting edge of high-performance computing, quantum computing may shape your future.

Q-CTRL’s solutions tackle the biggest challenges in quantum computing - decoherence and errors - so you can achieve better performance from today’s quantum hardware, with more reliable results.

Quantum computing, simply put, is a new way to store and process information using the rules of quantum physics. When we do this, certain problems that are practically impossible on even today’s supercomputers become tractable.

Right now, in labs around the world, real quantum computers are operating and under development. But these systems remain in their earliest stages and face major challenges due to noise and hardware instability.

Many are seeking the first demonstration of quantum advantage in a commercially relevant problem - achieving this will require quantum computers to become much more capable. This is what Q-CTRL specializes in; discover more below.


Q-CTRL provides infrastructure software that fills an invaluable niche in the development of practical quantum computing technology

Alexei Marchenkov Founder and CEO Bleximo
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Proven Benefits in Real Quantum Computers

Realizing useful quantum computers requires a recognition that performance is predominantly limited by hardware imperfections and failures, not just system size. Susceptibility to noise and error remains the Achilles heel of quantum computers, and ultimately limits the range of achievable algorithms run on quantum coherent hardware.

Q-CTRL has pioneered the development of quantum firmware and provides a comprehensive set of tools to integrate these techniques into quantum computers - driving major performance improvements in the lab and in the cloud.

Improving quantum computer performance through noise and error suppression

>10X Improvement

Qubit error rates

Quantum control protocols and efficient numeric optimization tools enable quantum logic with dramatically reduced susceptibility to noise and error.

>10X Improvement

Hardware stability and uptime

Building quantum logic operations robust against drifts has been shown to extend window of useful calibration on IBM Q hardware from ~12 hours to >5 days.

>10X Improvement

Device performance homogeneity

Ensuring all devices on a quantum computer perform at their peak helps improve algorithmic success and simplifies compilation.

Access the full power of cloud quantum computers

Cloud quantum computers are throttled to make them easier to use.

No team in the world has more experience pushing cloud quantum computing to the limit.

Break free from the constraints of today’s cloud quantum computers with Q-CTRL’s advanced products and Quantum Consulting services.

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Unshackle your quantum algorithms

Push the Upper Limits of Quantum Computing in the NISQ Era

However you’re engaging with quantum computing, Q-CTRL can help you do more.

Visualize Qubits

Learn and understand quantum computing in the NISQ era

Q-CTRL’s unique tools and stunning visualizations help you build real intuition for today’s imperfect quantum computers – and how to get more from them.

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Reduce Interfearence

Optimize quantum
hardware performance

Use our lab-validated machine learning packages to reduce errors at the gate level, automate tuneup, improve measurements, and more.

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Python SDK

Refine and improve
quantum algorithms

Leverage custom tools, professional services, and our unmatched experience with cloud-based quantum hardware to outperform the competition.

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Solutions for every user

Q-CTRL gives you the power to extract more performance from any quantum computing hardware, with solutions relevant to anyone invested in our quantum future.

Quantum R&D Teams - background image

Quantum R&D Teams

Q-CTRL’s quantum firmware suppresses errors to accelerate the pathway to commercial useful quantum computers.

End Users & Developers - background image

End Users & Developers

Extract maximum performance from quantum hardware through custom software and professional services.

New Entrants and Students - background image

New Entrants and Students

Build real intuition for the potential and pitfalls of quantum computing with educational material and visualizations.

Consultants & business development teams - background image

Consultants & business development teams

Stand out from the crowd with engaging, 3D visualizations of tough quantum computing concepts, to turn prospects into clients.

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