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IBM Qiskit

Execute Q-CTRL solutions seamlessly on IBM Quantum hardware with Qiskit Pulse

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Quantum Machines

Deploy Q-CTRL solutions efficiently on QM's control hardware and software via the Quantum Orchestration Platform

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Rigetti Quil

Develop novel control solutions and execute via Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services

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Custom Hardware

Execute the most advanced quantum control on your own hardware

Seamlessly integrate into any experiment:

Whether you're designing a quantum stack from the ground up or already running advanced experiments, Q-CTRL can connect directly to your system.

Coded in Python, our tools smoothly integrate with any experimental software stack and allow you to control and characterize your quantum hardware. And with full customization available, our Last-Mile-Integration package lets you automate the most challenging tasks in quantum control for your system.

For our most security-conscious customers, ask about our on-premise cloud solutions and maintain full control of your data.

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