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Build the quantum platforms of the future

The world’s first and most powerful design-and-test EDA for the quantum era

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Our clients

Chalmers UniversityUniversity of ChicagoNord QuantiqueNorthwestern UniversityPasqalRigetti

Flexible and powerful tools for quantum research

Boulder Opal delivers cloud-accelerated hardware design, AI-based automation, and quantum control optimization, giving professional teams everything they need to get ahead of the competition.

Improve hardware performance

Identify and combat noise and error sources that hide your hardware's potential.


Pinpoint and eliminate sources of performance-limiting noise.


Gain new insights to build more resilient devices.


Suppress errors and drifts to keep hardware performance at peak.

Deliver results faster

Achieve better results with AI automation and cloud-accelerated computation.


Save hours in system tune-up and calibration.


Solve complex simulation and optimization up to 100x faster.


Integrate with industry-standard software and hardware platforms.

Up to 76x faster than competing numerical packages for critical computational tasks in quantum control.

Maximize productivity

Improve efficiency with professionally engineered, fully documented tools.


Access comprehensive tutorials and reference documentation.


Leverage continuous maintenance and capability expansion.


Achieve more with seamless access to fully managed cloud computing resources.

What’s included in Boulder Opal

Comprehensive numerical tools for quantum EDA - ideal for theorists and experimentalists

Professionally engineered python client and extensive library of documentation

Managed cloud-computer resources and interactive web client to monitor usage

Native integration with common software packages, hardware, and custom electronics

Go from signup to integration in minutes

Boulder Opal integrates with experimental hardware, software packages and custom electronics.

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Real-world use cases

Chalmers University of Technology

Chalmers achieves 8X faster quantum logic using Boulder Opal

With Boulder Opal, Chalmers was able to design totally new numerically optimized gates that enable massive speedups without introducing new gate errors.


Reduction in gate duration.

Read the case study

It was really easy to go from code to experiments. I started from the relevant notebook in the documentation, followed the steps, adapted when necessary, and it simply worked! We’re now using Q-CTRL pulses that allow us to cut the time of our gates by eight times.

Marina Kudra
PhD Student
Chalmers University of Technology

Improving robustness to quantum-logic calibration errors by 7X

As Rigetti released Quil-T, Q-CTRL used Boulder Opal to help demonstrate how it could be leveraged to deliver major performance enhancements to hardware.


Improvement in gate robustness to amplitude miscalibration.

Read the case study

Q-CTRL’s work has the potential to significantly improve algorithmic performance and hardware stability in quantum processors.

Alex Hill
Director, Quantum Engineering
IBM Quantum

Making quantum logic 10X better on quantum computers

Using Qiskit Pulse and Q-CTRL’s Boulder Opal to run error-robust quantum gates on a five-qubit IBM Quantum Canary processor delivering better value for users.


Gate-level hardware improvement.

Read the case study

We used Qiskit Pulse and Q-CTRL’s Boulder Opal to run error-robust quantum gates on a five-qubit IBM Quantum Canary processor delivering better value for users

IBM Quantum
The University of Sydney

Making sense of quantum noise with machine learning

Q-CTRL's quantum control engineers developed a new machine-learning tool allowing high-fidelity reconstruction of the spectral “fingerprint” of quantum noise.


Sensitivity error-source identification during quantum logic.

Read the case study

Collaboration between experimentalists at University of Sydney and quantum control engineers at Q-CTRL breakthrough result published in Physical Review Letters

Dr. Cornelius Hempel
Research Fellow
The University of Sydney

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Free Basic plan, yearly limits apply

For beginners, students, and explorers

Cloud software platform

4 vCPU, 32 GB RAM machine

1 machine (1 calculation at a time)

12 cloud machine hours

Standard support



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Managed compute for small teams

Cloud software platform

8 vCPU, 64 GB RAM machine

1 machine (1 calculation at a time)

200 cloud machine hours

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Expanded computational resources for performance minded teams

Cloud software platform

16 vCPU, 128 GB RAM machine

Up to 4 machines (1 calculation per machine)

400 cloud machine hours

Standard + solutions engineering support


HPC-like resourcing for demanding teams of scientists and engineers

Hybrid cloud software platform

32 vCPU, 256 GB RAM machines

Up to 16 machines (1 calculation per machine)

1600 cloud machine hours

Dedicated + solutions engineering support

Boulder Opal

Build the quantum platforms of the future
Alice & BobAtom ComputingChalmers UniversityUniversity of ChicagoNord QuantiqueNorthwestern UniversityPasqalRigetti

Frequently asked questions

Boulder Opal cloud licenses can accommodate an unlimited number of users. We provide recommendations for different license tiers for different group sizes to ensure that internal competition among users does not lead to computational delays.

Hybrid cloud combines local deployment for low-latency execution with cloud acceleration for compute-intensive tasks. The Boulder Opal Scale Up package can be customized based on needs.

Number of calculations can be run concurrently across multiple cloud-hosted machines to accelerate computation. Having a higher concurrency is useful when you want to speed up your calculations or share computational resources within your team.

Number of hours of running a single cloud-hosted CPU machine in a year. You can buy additional machine time to supplement your Essentials, Performance or Professional plan.

You can access a comprehensive documentation suite to help you on your journey, starting with Get started guide, and Tutorials.

We have independently validated and published technical validation of key demonstrations on hardware through our research - this includes device-level demonstrations of improvements >10X.We have also established a range of hardware validations with our customers and R&D partners around the world, collected in our case studies.