Cold Ions: Obtaining robust, configureable, multi-qubit gates

An introduction to cold ions, obtaining robust, configureable and multi-qubit gates with control solutions parallel, specifiable multi-qubit gates using pulses.

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Accelerating the path to useful Quantum Error Correction

Learn how Nord Quantique is making progress in the quantum error correction (QEC) space using Boulder Opal, our computational tool for quantum control.

Andre Carvalho, Dany Lachance-Quirion
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How quantum computers can improve logistics problems

One of the biggest opportunities for quantum computing is logistics optimization. Learn about the quantum solution developed by Australian Army and Q-CTRL.

Michael Hush, Marcus Doherty, Christopher Bentley
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Unlock maximum performance on IBM Quantum services

Discussing our partnership of Q-CTRL performance management integrated with IBM Quantum services making it simpler to get useful results from real hardware.

Rowen Wu, Blake Johnson

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