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Discover noise in quantum computing - the 'N' in NISQ - and how to combat it with quantum control.


Incorporate professional-grade optimization and characterization tools for complex quantum systems into your research.

Core Features:

  • Bloch Sphere Visualizations
  • Amplitude Noise Characterization
  • Sequience Control Optimizations
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Python Tools for R&D Teams

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What's included:

  • Python SDK including Cloud API access for computationally intensive tasks
  • Optimize controls in high-dimensional systems and circuits. Account for leakage levels and dissipation.
  • Evaluate quasistatic and time-dependent noise-susceptibility of quantum gates and circuits
  • Simulate algorithm performance in realistic laboratory environments
  • Characterize noise in complex multidimensional systems
  • Integrate directly with hardware for full automation, including hardware calibration routines

Q-CTRL is great for…

...everyone looking to get the most out of today's quantum hardware.

  • Quantum hardware manufacturers and R&D teams
  • Researchers building advanced quantum sensors
  • Quantum computing service providers
  • New entrants to the field, students, and the quantum curious
  • Quantum algorithm developers and end users
  • Consultants and business-development teams
Ion Trap

Ben McCarty, iDefense | Accenture Security
This is beautiful and showing the rotation of the qubit is exactly what I was struggling with ...this is so great it makes me want to cry

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