Address the number one strategic threat

We develop solutions that brings robustness to logistics, supply chains, and telecommunications networks powered by quantum technology powered by quantum technology that addresses the number one strategic threat.

GPS denial is widely recognized as the most significant vulnerability faced by allied nations. For example, a short five-day outage in the UK alone is estimated to cost nearly $7 Billion; a broader outage could jeopardize communications networks, oceanic shipping, and autonomous vehicles. GPS denial on the battlefield poses a major risk to friendly forces.

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Go from zero background to programming real quantum computers

Deliver precise dead-reckoning navigation

Quantum-enabled PNT is the future of navigation. The unreliability of GPS in urban environments, high latitudes, subsurface settings, and contested battlefields mandates new approaches to navigation.

We have has partnered with Advanced Navigation, a world-leader in AI-enhanced inertial navigation systems, to offer our users an ultra-high performance quantum PNT system that opens a new frontier in navigation undersea, land, and outer space.

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Protect networks with enhanced quantum clocks

Stable clocks are essential not only for GPS but for operating our telecommunications networks. We have pioneered software-level techniques that can improve clock stability and ultimately improve network resilience in the face of GPS disruptions.

Through patented techniques to improve the stability of passive frequency standards and phase-lock-loops using machine learning, we help you deploy software solutions that deliver enhanced clock performance without the need to change your hardware.

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