Empowering individuals and businesses to becomequantum ready

We support quantum users at every stage - from learning the building blocks to operating our advanced research-grade solutions. We develop tools and systems that enable leading researchers in quantum technology to push the frontiers of the field.

We also empower the community at the very beginning of a quantum professional’s journey, with the tools necessary to help anyone learn quantum computing.

We have a dual mission to help newcomers enter the field, and to make every C-Suite executive quantum conversant. Black Opal removes all barriers to understanding how quantum computing can change the world and gives a competitive edge to individuals and organizations.

Michael J. Biercuk, Founder & CEO at Q-CTRL

Solutions for learning

Go from zero background to programming real quantum computers

Learning quantum computing doesn’t have to be difficult. While the majority of available material has been limited or overly technical for newcomers to the field, our interactive learning platform addresses this gap.

Black Opal is an interactive learning platform designed to help anyone learn in quantum computing.

Black Opal video

Combining accessible and interactive modules with engaging content and gamified skills development, Black Opal is the perfect entry to the field – from curious students to professional developers.

Black Opal can be used independently or as a companion to formal coursework – on campus, or online.

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Solutions for research

Accelerate PhD research

We work with academic teams and PhD students who are leading global efforts to make quantum technology a reality.

We understand that the priority for research students and doctoral candidates is speed – and to focus on the big questions in quantum technology - but unstable hardware, onerous manual tasks, and bug hunting in code inevitably gets in the way.

Boulder Opal workflow

Our advanced quantum control software Boulder Opal provides everything needed to achieve more – and faster through cutting edge AI for hardware, quantum control tools and libraries, and the world’s most comprehensive and best-performing optimization engine for quantum devices. Onboarding to code execution takes less than five minutes.

We support individual users, small teams, or entire institutions through multi-user site licenses.

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Real-world use cases

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