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Quantum knowledge without prerequisites

Newcomers to quantum technology can go from zero background to programming real quantum computers with Black Opal - no PhD required.

Featuring interactive and accessible learning modules, students can gain practical skills in quantum computing in just minutes per day.

Black Opal video

Our educational tool provides all the required math taught alongside quantum fundamentals with the learner in mind; it replaces lectures and passive videos with engaging content developed by the world’s largest team of expert quantum control engineers.

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Solutions for research students and PhD candidates

Advanced tools for advanced research

We empower students to move faster and automate time-sinks in quantum research through the world’s most advanced quantum control infrastructure software.

Hardware research students

Research students building quantum computers and quantum sensors deploy our powerful AI-based agents to calibrate quantum hardware and quantum gates automatically, design optimized control solutions that perform better in the face of imperfect hardware, and even pinpoint critical hardware issues.

Q-CTRL software stack

Theoretical researchers

Researchers in quantum information, quantum sensing, and quantum control use our experimentally validated tools to explore and apply the most advanced concepts in quantum control in their work.

With a simple Python interface, our users can integrate industry-leading optimization engines and fully automated noise and error suppression tools right into their programming workflows, whether in numerics or cloud quantum computing hardware.

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