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Quantum technology is poised to change the world – what will it do to the future of your industry? Get ahead of the competition by putting Q-CTRL helps you extract maximum performance from quantum technology through our portfolio of solutions.

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Real-world quantum technology solutions

Make it possible now with Q-CTRL. Deploy expert-grade solutions with ease and accelerate the path to practical impact in your industry.

Make possible practical and get more from quantum computers in the NISQ era.

Our solutions tackle the biggest challenges in quantum computing - decoherence and errors - so you can achieve better performance from today’s quantum hardware, with more reliable results.

Our products are offered either as cloud-based python packages or via an intuitive graphical interface for users at all levels.

Building a Quantum Computer

Extract more - and more useful - information from quantum-enhanced sensors, resulting in previously unachievable sensitivity in target identification and tracking.

When it’s mission critical, Q-CTRL gives you access to decades of combined experience, opening up new worlds of opportunity for our aerospace and defense customers.

Quantum control is the key to putting quantum technology to work in defense settings - from magnetometry and gravimetry to inertial navigation. Boulder Opal can be used to optimize the controls used in quantum sensors for noise robustness in real platforms and extraction of maximum environmental information. To streamline control, state-tracking, and data fusion in embedded systems, contact us about our forthcoming Fire Opal package, customized to defense applications.

Scan using quantum sensing

Learn how quantum technology can give you totally new capabilities in health and medicine, from drug discovery to new forms of magnetic resonance imaging.

The healthcare landscape is evolving and quantum technology will have major impacts on the field. From quantum computing to noninvasive imaging, Q-CTRL has the tools to help you stay ahead in the industry.

Q-CTRL software helps you take control in the quantum domain. In magnetic resonance imaging, our novel sequencing protocols and analytic tools help you see structures and dynamics in a new way.

Access greater fidelity in medical imaging

Custom projects across industries

The team at Q-CTRL has deep expertise across the field of quantum technology. We can help you extract maximum performance from your hardware in any application.

Our experience includes projects in:

Custom quantum computing solutions

Improving QC performance. Customized solutions to suppress errors like cross-talk and leakage, maximize gate speed, or identify sources of decoherence for novel device designs using superconducting circuits, semiconducting devices, neutral atoms, trapped ions, etc.

Quantum sensor design and operation

Tight-SWAP quantum sensors for defense, mining and space. Novel hardware designs for atomic-physics units deployed in gravimetry, magnetometry, and inertial navigation. Application of robust and spectrally narrow control concepts to the operation of quantum sensors for platform-noise rejection.

Quantum experimental optimization

Driving research in academia and industry. Machine learning for quantum hardware operation and performance optimization, including magneto-optical-trap loading, superconducting-resonator readout, and image analysis using CMOS cameras. Reinforcement learning techniques for automation of hardware bringup.

Clock stabilization & PLL optimization

New solutions in time and frequency metrology and industry. Machine-learning based software-only upgrades to improve the stability of locked oscillators. Includes application to Dick effect minimization in passive frequency standards or other low-bandwidth phase-lock loops.


Find out how Q-CTRL can help you get the most out of your hardware by contacting us today.

Push the Upper Limits of Quantum Computing in the NISQ Era

However you’re engaging with quantum computing, Q-CTRL can help you do more.

Visualize Qubits

Learn and understand quantum computing in the NISQ era

Q-CTRL’s unique tools and stunning visualizations help you build real intuition for today’s imperfect quantum computers – and how to get more from them.

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Reduce Interfearence

Optimize quantum
hardware performance

Use our lab-validated machine learning packages to reduce errors at the gate level, automate tuneup, improve measurements, and more.

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Python SDK

Refine and improve
quantum algorithms

Leverage custom tools, professional services, and our unmatched experience with cloud-based quantum hardware to outperform the competition.

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Boulder Opal®

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For expert users and quantum R&D teams, Boulder Opal delivers highly optimized, error-robust quantum controls for the most complex devices. Our advanced Python package can be directly integrated with existing hardware to deliver maximum performance and reliability.

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Scan using quantum sensing

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