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Discover noise in quantum computing - the 'N' in NISQ - and how to combat it with quantum control.


Incorporate professional-grade optimization and characterization tools for complex quantum systems into your research.



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Python Tools for R&D Teams

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Custom Pricing

Last-mile Hardware Integration

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Graphical Interface
Create beautiful intuitive visualizations
Compare single-qubit gates
Compare multi-qubit gates
Define custom noise processess
Build a library of noise processes
Leverage a detailed control library
Evaluate your own custom controls
Deploy machine-learning for single-qubit gates
Optimize multi-qubit gates
Control high-dimensional spaces
Characterize noise in your hardware
Build a library of characterization protocols
Output controls directly to hardware
Efficient cloud-compute engine
Top-tier customer support
Python Interface
Cloud Access
Calculate Arbitrary Dimensional Filter Functions
Error Budgeting
Comprehensive Control Library
Create Optimal Control Solutions
Create Error-Robust Controls
Create Optimized Noise-Filtering Controls
Incorporate Realistic Control Constraints
Simulate Quantum Dynamics
Calculate Experimental Observables
Characterize Noise Sources
Output Controls Easily
Last-mile Integration  
Characterize Single-Qubit Parameters  
Calibrate System Response  
Scheduled Calibration  
Automated Optimization  
Log system state information  
Priority Queueing  
Access Special Computational Resources  
Automatic Updates
Developer Portal
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Ben McCarty, iDefense | Accenture Security
This is beautiful and showing the rotation of the qubit is exactly what I was struggling with ...this is so great it makes me want to cry

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