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Singapore Summit 2018 Photo by Singapore Summit

Singapore Summit 2018

Weekly Digest | 20 Sep 2018

Q-CTRL's chief executive and founder, Professor Michael Biercuk, this week was a guest at one of Asia's most important leadership conferences, the Singapore Summit 2018.

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What We Do

Q-CTRL gives you the most effective tools to take control of your quantum hardware

The potential of quantum technology is extraordinarily exciting. However, the challenges of hardware error and decoherence have slowed progress - especially in quantum computing.
Our tools give you the ability to design and deploy the most effective controls to suppress errors in your quantum hardware before they accumulate, accelerating your roadmap to functional systems.

Without proper control techniques, quantum computing is pointless


Q-CTRL builds Quantum Firmware based on our deep expertise in the control of quantum systems

Lab Validated

Lab tests of our controls show orders-of-magnitude improvement in reducing decoherence and hardware errors for quantum computing.

Technology Agnostic

Our tools help you craft controls which are compatible with all hardware platforms.

Easy to Use

Our intuitive platform gets your team up and running quickly and without the need for special expertise.


Q-CTRL provides lab-validated tools for many industries

Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing

Suppress and virtualize qubit errors to extract maximum performance from your hardware today, and improve the efficiency of quantum error correction tomorrow.

Industrial Chemistry and Research
Industrial Chemistry and Research

Power a new class of EPR and NMR controls for analytic chemistry and materials science and access new regimes in quantum physics experiments through dynamic control.

Defense and Aerospace
Defense and Aerospace

Extract the most useful information from quantum-enhanced sensors in tight-SWAP applications and improve the performance of embedded quantum-enabled systems like clocks.

Health and Medicine
Health and Medicine

Develop new medical imaging protocols for MRI using pulse sequences which augment contrast weighting. Expand your toolkit to include novel analytic capabilities such as frequency-selective controls.

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The world is witnessing the dawn of a new industry

Quantum technology, harnessing the strangeness of quantum physics as a resource, will be as transformational in the 21st century as harnessing electricity was in the 19th.

We’ll help you take control of your quantum future.