The team at Q-CTRL is very excited to announce big changes coming to BLACK OPAL - so many that we've given them a new version number!

Here's what's coming in BLACK OPAL v1.1, starting today!

Learn about the "Noise" in NISQ: We recognize that our users come from diverse backgrounds - expert R&;D teams, quantum computing end users, students, and conventional software developers. If you're new to quantum computing, learn about the impact of noise - the "N" in NISQ - through our updated circuit visualization tools. Our interactive 3D visualizations reveal how noise impacts quantum logic and degrades entanglement, and how a control can protect quantum computations against noise. With our new user interface it's easy to get something powerful out of BLACK OPAL, no matter your level of expertise.

Solve your toughest problems faster than ever: BLACK OPAL provides a beautiful visual interface for you to create, compare, and deploy error-robust quantum logic operations to hardware. But where to start? We've now integrated guides and help directly into each of the workspaces, streamlining the pathway to deploying real controls ideally suited for your hardware needs. Choose basic workflows or advanced optimizations for arbitrary controls - we'll be with you every step of the way. Updates to the user interface improving the product experience and incorporating pre-defined packaged workflows will appear on a rolling basis over the next few months, making it easier for you to do more ASAP.

Move seamlessly to our professional-grade products: BLACK OPAL is an ideal starting point for those teams learning about noise and control in quantum computers. If you're ready to move up to direct python integration, and access the most advanced quantum control capabilities globally BOULDER OPAL is for you! Preview the capabilities of BOULDER OPAL online to see how it performs complex control optimizations on high-dimensional spaces, lets you evaluate how a control will perform in a realistic setting, and formats controls to be run on real electronics. BOULDER OPAL is fully compatible with any quantum abstraction language, including Qiskit, Pyquil, and Cirq and still leverages the cloud to deliver you the best performance and experience. BOULDER OPAL is now in a private alpha release, but is trusted by the true leaders in the field - give it a try and contact us if you're ready to take the next step!

Stay tuned to get ahead of the other quantum devs: Soon we'll launch a new product, perfect for quantum application developers, that will help you truly stand out from the crowd. You'll be ideally positioned to understand and overcome the limitations of today's noisy hardware right in your algorithmic design.

We're always working to bring the most value to our customers in a unique and truly beautiful way. BLACK OPAL v1.1 gives you the most powerful tools to extract maximum performance from your quantum hardware and put you in control.

Learn more about BLACK OPAL v1.1.