Boost quantum productivity without user overhead

Increase algorithm success on noisy hardware through simple, intuitive tools. Coming in 2022

Making quantum computing useful

Simple and powerful software for algorithm developers and end users to extend the reach of quantum computers

Fire Opal is the most effective error-correcting and suppressing technology demonstrated for quantum computers, experimentally validated to improve the success of quantum algorithms on real hardware by up to 9,000X with no additional user overhead.

Leverage seamless integration with hardware backends and advanced compilers to solve the toughest problems sooner than you thought possible.

I just saw a demo and the team showed me useful results. With algorithms for which I normally need quantum computing simulators to show proofs-of-principle, I can now use Fire Opal results to show qubits actually working as intended.

I'm looking forward to running more algorithms. Fire Opal is awesome.

Brian Siegelwax
Quantum Algorithm Designer

Our team were impressed how Fire Opal has opened totally new frontiers in our research and is bringing quantum advantage closer, enabling results better than classically possible for one of the cornerstone quantum algorithms.

In some cases this software fundamentally transformed hardware, allowing results deemed impossible by previous benchmarks.

Paulina Mazurek

Make quantum technology useful

Coming in 2022